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Server Transfers

What is your plan?  

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  1. 1. What is your plan?

    • Stick with Vornskr
    • Transfer
    • Quit
    • Yoda
    • Stick with TWC and IM

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While we are not sure what is going to happen with Vornskr, hopefully this will be all for nothing, but as someone that has been on the only toon on the republic fleet, more than once, Vornskr seems in trouble. Now bioware has come up with free character transfers to more populated servers. In the perfect world, I would really like to just stick with Vornskr until the Superserver transfers coming later.


So TWC and IM members what is your thoughts and plans on this?


I have mixed feelings, I want to stick with my friends from the forum and my guild mates, but I am also extremely appreciative and feel a sense of loyalty to the members of CA that have helped me so much in doing after 50 stuff. Still that said, I will be sticking with the guilds first and foremost, I may owe CA a great deal, but I never would have gotten to 50 or found CA without our officers.


In the perfect world, I would say let’s move and stick with the server CA goes to. In that world everyone would get to keep their toons’ names and legacy name, but as we all know TOR is fun, but it is far from perfect.


I know some of you think I don’t understand your feelings on the name change. Even though Bremiaha is a TOR generated name, I am attached to it. Hell you go through all 50 levels solo as a healer and you would be attached to that character too. Still I am more attached to the character, my friends and the game than I am to the name.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Vornskrr fine right now? Like, we're not one of the transfer servers?


I really don't see what the big deal is with all this. It seems like it's all anyone can talk about right now, but for really no reason other than the server seems underpopulated.

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I'm not staying on a dead server, if TWC stays on Vornskr, I'll leave a 50 behind maybe, not sure which, but the rest of my toons and the majority of my play time will shift to whatever the new server is.

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I've chosen "Stick with Vornskr" right now but I'll explain my reasoning. There's a good chance that if I transfer I won't get certain names for my characters on the new server because they're already taken. When the server move list is updated and Vornskr happens to be a departure server instead of a destination server, then I'll be checking to see if key character names have been taken. If Lynk, Silvana, Priss or Fiora are taken then that's it, that is the end of swtor for me, I'll be cancelling my subscription in October which is when my 6months runs out and it's game over.


Of course, if by luck I get to keep all of my names, I'll consider transferring to the destination server (this is also based on the fact that we're allied with a number of other guilds called the "Casual Alliance" who are definitely moving if Vornskr is chosen as a departure server).


With or without me, you guys would probably need to transfer anyway so here's the process. First, we'd need to get all of the items out of the guild bank and all of the money. We'd need to empty out all of our mail boxes, take everything off of GTN and basically make sure we have everything stored in our inventory or cargo hold... if you don't, you lose whatever it is forever when you move your toons. Secondly, the guild will need to disband for the transfer (especially the guildmaster (me) since they've set it that the guildmaster of a guild can't be transfered). Of course, since we have two guilds on both sides, we'd have to do this twice over...


Now as I said before, you can all do this with or without me cause depending on how things go, I may QUIT the game forever. I know it seems like a rash thing to do, and I would've followed this game through hell and back, but character names are a pretty huge deal for me.


Some of you will have to come up with new toon names, some may have to come up with new legacy names, some may not be playing the game any more and may not join the rest of the folks on the new server.







If everything goes a lot better than I think it'll go, then I guess I'll see you all on the other side... if not, then it's goodbye forever on swtor :\

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How do we know if we can keep our names, etc? Is there a way to check?


Also how does this work? per account or server since I have my main characters on Vornskr, bur i also have about 2 older characters on another East coast server?

If one verse the other is selected? will i be able to do this per server or only once per account?


Has Vornskr been selected?

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Rumour has it that Vornskr may be transferring to either The Harbinger or Drooga's Pleasure Barge... so to check if your names have been taken on those servers, all you need to do is try to start a toon on that server, get to the character creation bit, input your name and select NEXT and see if it's available. If it isn't then you're screwed pretty much.



The way it works is that if you have a toon on a PvE West server, it will need to go to another PvE West server, so you can't skip your toon from a PvP or RP server to PvE or anything like that.


The transfer is for individual toons, so you'll have to list which of your toons you want to transfer. When you transfer your toons will be renamed to a random set of letters and the game will prompt you to rename them when you try to log in to them on the new server. Of course, you also have to remember that when you log in you will also have to re-input your LEGACY name which may also be taken.




As of this post, we haven't heard anything more regarding Vornskr, stay tuned and we'll update you though.

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I still have some characters on own other server. Is there any hope I can transfer them to this server or what ever one we move to? Its a pvp-rp server. it's on the transfer from list now.
This Character Transfer only allows transfers to servers of the same type (and even then only to a specific server), so the answer would be "no". Later Character Transfers will let you move your toons more freely, but you'll have to pay for that.


On Vornskr: I initially wanted to stay no matter what, since I'm quite attached to my legacy name, but I figured I wouldn't be enjoying the game as much as I do if it wasn't for the guild, so I'm choosing to go where the guild goes, whether it's staying or going, but it may make more sense for the guild to move if it comes to a choice. I'll let the powers that be decide, though. :)

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I'm doing my transfer for the 2 toons I have on my east coast server. They are my test dumbies since I really haven't played them lately - mostly been on the Vornk one where the guild is.


EDIT: I transferred my 3 east coast Toons.

I didn't get any messages on any issue related to the characters name? I'm assuming it was ok or they will ask for me to change it when i log in to use them?


I will know in an hour when i go back on the server to see how it went.

Will keep you guys posted to give everyone an idea how it works in case the Vornskr is later selected to server transfer.


EDIT2: yea I had to change the names on gliding my Legacy name.

I by pass the lost if names with the Nate-Tanik. Basically I kept the first name and added the - and a lastname :-)

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I started a trooper on Vornskr but when I saw how low the server population was I figured best to hold off and see where Vornskr gets transfers to. I already have a full set of characters on The Harbinger but BioWare has already made it a destination server for a bunch of servers and pop is rated "Heavy" fairly frequently now. My guess is Vornskr will be going elsewhere.

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