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The Walking Carpets: Guild Roster

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Just started w/F2P a few days ago. The 2 that I have on Harbinger are:





Lvl 20




Bounty hunter


Level 19


Included the second here b/c the IB thread seemed dead.

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Hello all,

i am returning yet again, will try to get to Level 50 or 55 this time, life and health took me away sorry for the absence. I am updating my install and have renewed my subscirption.

here is my info as i recall it, a bit foggy but i think i am at Level 42 now.


I was pretty bad at combat before so i spend some time in two other MMPRGs to try to learn some better skills, and I think i have a bit of a better grasp of things. Hope so. Thanks for all the help from generous people, esp Mim! in the past.


Applying again for Walking Carpets

Character 1: Caern

Class: Jedi Knight Guardian Light Side

Role: DPS

Skillks: Diplomacy, Archaeology, Treasure Hunting

Level: 42


do i need to re apply ..and at the other site too? not sure if i still have the linkey i will look. hope everyone who is still here from before is doing ok.


may try the Hutt Cartel once i get my feet under me.

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Due to the growing request of all my RL friends wanting me to be on their servers, I'm going to take away my lesser used characters from the guild.


Athzaria is going to by my Republic guy, as always.


A'trion is going to be my Imperial guy, obviously.


All my other toons I'm going to spread out among the other servers with the vast amount of cartel coins I have in the game, because I never use them. :p

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