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TellTale comes to GOG

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from GOG


We have launched a new developer today--Telltale Games, the finest purveyor of episodic adventure games--and we’re starting off with three fantastic adventures:


Sam & Max Save the World for $11.99

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space for $11.99

Tales of Monkey Island for $13.99


All three games are on a huge "Welcome to GOG" sale for Telltale, and will be 60% off until 3 July.


Only a matter of time before LucasArts arrives on GOG (I hope!!!)

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It is quite interesting that Tales of Monkey Island is on there. LucasArts is very timid with online releases of their games, and haven't released anything online to any platform without some form of DRM. I'm surprised DRM wasn't one of their stipulations for Telltale being able to use LucasArts IP.

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