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Happy Birthday Atari!

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When people talk about the beginnings of the video game industry, one name invariably bubbles to the top: Atari.


The video arcade and console company was formed 40 years ago Wednesday, although the games and consoles from its late '70s-early '80s heyday continue to evoke memories from gamers today.




Lordy Lordy Atari's 40! Ha Ha you're old! :xp:


Thank you for such great memories. The many, MANY rage-quits. The hours upon hours of gameplay (because the Atari doesn't need no stinking save button :lol:) and of course, the onset of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome... hehe


Fond memories of 'almost' every game I've played on the console (I'm looking at you ET). Pitfall, Starmaster, Combat and Raiders of the Lost Ark.. were amongst my favorites.


Happy to say I still have a working Atari 2600 :D

Anyone else have fond memories?

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Zelda?! WTH am I smoking. Got a bit too deep in nostalgia.. hehe
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That's a silly comparison.


The only thing left of Atari is a name and a logo. Everything that made Atari great is dead and buried. Much like what made Rare great was squeezed out of the company when Microsoft bought it out. "Rare" still exists, but the company with the name is no longer the Rare of greatness because the people who made it great are no longer running the show and have all left. The small team who call themselves "Rare" and "Atari Interactive" are simply inheritance of a name and logo.


Therefore, Atari died long ago.

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Yeah, might be the birthday of the name but as a company but it isn't at all what it used to be. Not to be too pessimistic but it just doesn't ring the same to me. So fwiw happy birthday.


Still, it is interesting to look back into the 80's and 70's gaming era. Nice how they have reproduced t-shirts of Atari and stuff you can buy at various stores and such. I think I played some atari games once. A friend's dad had it. Combat, blackjack, and a few others.


Somewhere there's a Donkey Kong cartridge dual compatible for Atari and Sears arcade machines among all the other accumulated stuff I have. Also have space invaders or something. Have accumulated various accessories over the years as well.

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Ahhhh Atari and Pole Position, how you drove me to the brink of insanity. Kicking, screaming, yelling obscenities *sigh* Yep, good times, good times. God how I miss all that craziness.



Well it's been a week, I think that's long enough. Time for you and me to but heads again my friend.





Happy 40th Atari!

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Ah, the Atari 2600...probably the greatest Christmas gift I ever received....loved the game Adventure...


Ah yes . . . Adventure. That was my favorite. Interesting tidbit about that game: I believe it is the first game with an Easter Egg. Here's the whole story about that one: Interview with Warren Robinett


My other favorite one one the ol' 2600 was Yar's Revenge. No, not the half assed remake.

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