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Game crash near end of Manaan

Kyr'am Galaar

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So my game has been crashing at the exact same spot every time I've tried it. It crashes just as I'm crossing the underwater bridge to get the Star Map on Manaan. I don't know what's wrong with it. The only mods I have for Manaan is Xarwars' KotOR 2012 skin pack. I wouldn't think that that would cause my game to crash. Anyway, does anyone know how to fix the problem, or what globals I would have to change in the KSE in order to bypass that part entirely?




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Hi. I wanted to bump this thread because I am currently having the exact same problems on both accounts. I am playing the dark side and tried to poison the shark, but like Kyr'am said, the game crashes as soon as the cutscene ends. I have also been attempting the light side option (destroying the tanks), which gets me passed that cutscene, but as soon as I go for the Star Map and pass that threshold he describes, the game crashes.


I'm getting sick of this. I haven't played these games in over seven years and was looking forward to getting through it again. I don't want my game to be broken and have to start all over.


I am playing on Windows XP (shut up; I don't have the cash to upgrade yet) with the hard disk version of the game. I am also using Xarwarz's environment reskins as well as some other mods.


I've tried this and this (the portions that don't exclusively apply to Windows Vista as I am not using Vista) and neither solution has worked.


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. If need be, I can send files via MediaFire if anyone wants to take a look at it.






[Edit] I've actually found a fix for it. Well, not quite a fix; more of a circumvention. I thought I'd post it here instead of deleting my post in case anyone else ever encounters this problem.


For the problem with the poisoning of the kolto, I learned that as long as you disable movies, it shouldn't crash. So I did just that and it worked.


However, I still had the matter of the game crashing when I passed a certain point on the bridge to the Star Map. For some reason, the idea dawned on me to see if this game had any warp codes for it, which sure enough it did. I used a warp code to warp to the Star Map, retrieve it, and then warp back to the kolto controls so I could leave. It worked like a charm.


I have since made it past the Leviathan and am now going for my final Star Map on Korriban. Hopefully I won't run into any more unpleasant surprises.


I still wish I knew what was causing the problem for future runs. I guess there's no rush now, so I'll have plenty of time to tinker with it.

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