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Redesign Plans


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Hello there!


I haven't posted here in a while.

I've been planning for a long time to redesign the site. The current design was ok for the time, and it has some charm, but it needs to be better and not just visually but functionality wise.

Also, I'm thinking that when I'm done with the redesign and finish all the pending things I wanted to have on the site, it'll probably be the last thing I'll do for The Dig Museum and it'll be time to pass on the command to whoever is as excited and capable of running the site as I was when I began work on it (in late 2004).




/* This part gets technical. Feel free to skip it if you won't understand a thing */

Considering the amount of information the site deals with, it'll be wise to use a CMS to handle it. I'm considering Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Movable Type. Its main use is not going to be a blog thing, but archived content. I want it to have SEF URLs, I want it to be fairly easy to use, yet flexible enough if any section has special requirements. I want it to be straightforward to design a CSS template for it, although I imagine that for all four CMS I listed, it should be similar. Ideally, I'd like to make a localhost install of the CMS, so I can play around with it, design and make the site offline before uploading it.

Any of you who has used more than one of these CMS, I'd like to hear your opinion on which would be best for the requirements of the site. In fact, if you have experience in the field (web design/web development, etc), and would like to give me a hand on setting things up, or provide me with some assistance if I need it, that would be greatly appreciated.

/* End of technical babble */


Alright, so that was just the technical side of the plan, but I'll get to the rest in due time. In the meantime, any suggestions, feedback of any sort, is more than welcomed.


Let's bring back this site to life before I get too old!

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