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Dual Saber Jedi?


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As above :)


Oh, I'd meant to elaborate further, thanks for catching that.


It used to be that a whole other sub form Jar'Kai was based off the ancient sword style previously not incorporated with Niman but had been said to require Niman. Now it's just "part of" it--probably an editorial move on the canonecity committee's part to reduce confusion. Didn't contradict anything. :p



Currently with SWTOR, no mention of Djem So. I'd presume Malgus by all indications is a Sith Juggernaut using Shien but have nothing solid to go on.


I also find it curious that there's not maybe a little more about lightsaber combat for the game than what is available. It'd be nice to go into the history of Jar'Kai.



Darth Bane had a Twi'lek master for a while who was a 'Blademaster' at the Sith Academy on Korriban. This guy knew all the lightsaber fighting styles, and taught all the sith at the academy that dual wielding was inherently a flawed style, and shouldn't be used. In reality, he secretly practised it himself, presumably because it's actually very powerful.

Ah yes. That actually was one of the best minor plot twists IMO delivered at just the right point.


I do wonder about The Echani Jedi weapons master, Raskta Lsu in the sequel and how she compared to Kas'im. I think she was slightly more devoted to lightsaber combat--

to her detriment

. The Twi'lek was physically superior, though, and could last longer plus had some force defenses--

of course this didn't save him.


The former was beat simply due to the wiles of another while unable to overcome her foe even with help, the latter bested inopportune circumstance and strategy.




IIRC Revan is depicted as having dual sabers in some places, but whether this is canon or not, I don't know.

I think it might be. His chosen overall style might be that of a Jedi Master but like other masters, he was depicted after K1 as knowing at least some of the higher lightsaber forms. I have some idea on this given what info is available but it's merely inference based on my observations. So we may or may not be able to include Revan.


The Exile, again same ambiguity--could be. Indications as you know in the Revan novel are

she was more combat based but preferred the single blade.




Luke Skywalker employed the use of a secondary, shorter lightsaber called a 'shoto' for a while. 'Shoto' is a Japanese word for short swords, and samurai sometimes used shoto's just like Jedi are showed as using. The Jedi are, obviously, based on samurai to some extent.


Yes. The dual wield style specifically using a regular blade and a shoto may in fact be a nod to Miyamoto Musashi who invented the 2 katanna style and is considered one of the best duelists of samurai. His strategy writings "Book of Five Rings" is quite inspirational to me personally.


IIRC Jedi are also based on shaolin monks somewhat, and of course the many variants of european knights.

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^^Great insight to the Melee arts as always GT... I mean Darth Avlectus :p

I quoted you as to say your explanation was my understanding of Jar'Kai too, not to correct you with LDR's quote :)


I'd always considered a duel wield style to be clumsy and ugly, mainly because the only time I'd seen it in canon was AOTC, in which Anakin of course uses in vain against the more seasoned duelist Count Dooku. It wasn't until I read the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi that I really gained respect for the style. I personally still prefer a single blade though :)

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Jar'Kai was a blanket term for dual wielding taken from a much earlier form of Sword combat, Niman was also an ancient sword-style not created by the Jedi. Much later in history, when the Jedi devised their sixth form of lightsaber combat, they named it Niman but also taught the history of its origins.


Niman isn't necessarily a dual weapon style, only that it lends itself well to said style. Ataru can also utilize two blades within its structure.


I'm assuming it has two names because of some slip up in continuity in times gone by lol. From what I can decipher, Jar'kai was created during the early nineties Expanded Universe, The Jedi Knight series I think. Then during the prequels I assume Anakin's style was called Niman in a visual guide or something... happens all the time. (Could be wrong, just a guess)

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Ahsoka Tano apparently started using a shoto at some point.




And we all know Ventress almost always uses two blades, but hers are both the same length and can be connected to make a dual-blade.


Here's the wookiepedia link on shotos if your interested




Yeah Ventress almost always has the 2 long sabers.

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Hard to keep track of 'em all. :lol:


Ventress, a misguided force adept according to Kenobi at some later date. She in known by most for having dual wielded, though she started out with a single blade. Taken from her slain master, while in grieving.

Which has its connection: She received her dual blades from Count Dooku. The blades belonged to his former apprentice, Komari Vosa some time. Fallen to the dark side, Vosa became a target and a prey for bounty hunter competing for both a large sum of money and immortality through becoming the specimen for the clone troopers. So you can add her to dual wielding.


Speaking of Kenobi, he had another dealing with yet another who had fallen to the dark side: A'Sharad Hett born of a Tusken Raider tribe, he was the son of Jedi Sharad Hett. A'Sharad Hett was a dual wielder as well.


@adam: Thanks. Hey, regardless of intent you still helped me remember something. :xp:


Edit: Ah yes, and another one is Jaric Kaedan. Seen in the lost suns comic, wielding dual blades while near Satele Shan, preapring for a fight. Noted as a "living weapon" and a master of Juyo-Kos, apparently another name for the seventh lightsaber form. Perhaps the additional "kos" name refers to the dual wield variant?


Juyo-Kos, J-K; J'K, Jar'Kai.

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^^^Oh, that's right. Sora Bulq. Funny how a veteran Jedi Master, albeit a fallen one, with the years of experience to have co-created Vaapad couldn't best a younger and supposedly far inexperienced Asajj Ventress. But according to Dooku's own thoughts on the subject, Bulq was of limited potential anyhow, and saw the new variant of form 7 as 'bridled'.


Not sure if I mentioned it but Windu himself was lethally proficient in dual wield. Using his and Depa Billiba's lightsaber on Haruun Kal.


@ "Darth Avlectus": Everyone knows you AREWERE GTA:SWcity... it's kind of hard to miss... it's not like you suddenly became a totally different person with the name change.

Fixed. It was a personal turning point.


The two things sort of don't mix, at least not anymore. Didn't put much thought into the name at the time, and it isn't like it was too terribly creative anyway. Funny how the same thing changes over time.

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