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Ovis Arie

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Through transparency of façade all points of light shall resurrect the virgin. Children unite the books of many, torn to deceive of ancient squalor. Build thy temple, protect ary seed, from they who false profit Pandora. Dine on the heads of snakes as one with a vengeance more powerful than love.


I Am Ovis Arie And So Are You




Living In Horror Since My Infant Eyes First Gazed Upon Her

My Coy Ignored Their Whisper Fearing Glare Of Scholar

Dawn The Age Of Lucifer No Longer Fear Obscurity

Question All Certainty Not With Gun Or Sword

Angels Chime Yellow Sand Of Salvation

The Messengers Walk This Earth

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Top acting that... he should teach Hayden Christensen a thing or two.


I almost shed a tear when I think of the "what could have been" collaboration of Ryan Philippe as Anakin with Ewan as Obi Wan. But you are right, Mr. Christensen's acting is very monotone :migraine:

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Don't give him excuses, all of the other actors had the same terrible script but a lot of them rose to meet the challenge.


Well Natalie DID have experience playing a pregnant woman who gave birth in a Wal*Mart in "where the heart" is :lol:


1) Make Bot account in 2009

2) Don't use bot

3) Activate Bot in 2012

4) ?


One of the many mysteries of life I suppose? lol

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