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Dragon Age III: Inquisition


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new patch out for the PC version, for those of us that have been waiting. its only 80MB, but it does address a lot of the major bugs. haven't tested it just yet, but i'll get to that soon.


Patch notes here


Update - after some testing, the game is considerably more stable. its a bit odd given that the patch didn't specifically address stability issues, but hey, i'll take it.

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I finally finished it. Good ending. Not choice-wise, 'cause it appears that a particular choice is based on a "calculation" of choices that you've made throughout the whole game, which makes zero sense. But in terms of the post-credit cutscene, I really liked it. It is a first for BioWare in terms of

putting the enemy in your party for your whole game. In this case, a major prime evil.



And while many may disagree, it is too MMOey. I don't agree that this is a "return to form" for BioWare as many on the net have said. I was told "get out of the hinterlands, it gets better" and no, it doesn't. It's incredibly grindy. Main story missions are amazing, but otherwise...just grind grind grind. DA:O's sidequests all mattered in some way regardless of the content. Same could be argued for Dragon Age 2. Collecting a widows husband's ring and killing 10 goats is not my idea of good quality content.

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