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News: Guild Merger!

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Hey everyone, as some of you may have noticed there's a new face here and you are going to find a lot more new faces when you hop back on to SWTOR.


During the early days of being level 50 things had gotten stale and we were searching for ways to extend our experience with SWTOR. It was very apparent that we weren't going to be able to see all that the game had to offer without the help of others. By sheer chance we bumped into another small guild that shared our interest and desire to see all of the content beyond the class stories. Clan Dukane had set the ground work for what was to become the Casual Alliance and we were thrilled to be a part of that development.


Patches and Game Updates were released, World Events came and went, Server Transfers were initiated and the line between our guilds began to blur. With the very recent super server consolidations and the imminent released of patch 1.4 and the shift to a Free-to-play system, it was finally time for that line to vanish.


The goal behind this merger is to allow easier interaction between our members, increase our activity and strengthen our community as we push to meet new people and make new friends. As our server grows, we want and need to grow with it. In addition those of you that have been playing recently have undoubtedly noticed a dip in activity this merger is going to make our guild a much livelier place which I'm sure will help you all get more out of this game.


So what does this mean for us LFN users? What's going to change?


You're all going to have a much better opportunity to chat and play with a whole host of other friendly folks than before. You'll have many more chances to participate in end-game activities such as Flashpoints and Operations and see more of the game that could ever have alone. To that end all of the end-game operations and event will be set up through their re-branded website which you can find here: http://www.thewalkingcarpets.com. By no means are any of you required to go there and register, but I encourage you to do so. If you do choose to register there, please also fill out an application through the Recruitment tab at the top.


When you hop back online and see some new names and faces, do your best to make them feel at home. If you have any questions feel free to post them here or send me a PM.


Thanks and see you all online.



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