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Post The Funniest Memes You Have Ever Seen Here!


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Actually, I'm a Libertarian.


I'm neither. I just love to watch the two sides go at each other and continuously complain about each other. It reveals the hypocrisy.


I guess you could call me a chaotic neutral.


@LDR: Nice avatar, I like it.















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Ever thought that the "Overly-Attached Girlfriend" had too much power?


Well, when it comes to gaming, you DO NOT **** with your boyfriend! This one man will lead us against the army of overly attached girlfriends. This one man is our salvation.


(I like overly attached girlfriend memes, and they're fun. So I'm not doing this to spite the overly attached girlfriend memes. Doing it for fun and for laughs)


This is the one man on the planet that can fight the overly attached girlfriend.



@beanlord56: Your dog seems to love frisbees. *sarcasm*



Sorry about my picture about not showing up. Something probably went wrong. Maybe a typo; I really don't know. Here it is again.

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Would anyone else buy this if this was to actually happen?


Hecks yeah I would buy it. But it's not likely to happen until at least a year into the sixth generation, which may or may not happen next year so long as Game Freak decides to not pull any more huge, gargantuan, swollen, bloated surprises.




EDIT: Despite my earlier bellyaching of political memes, one of my friends posted this gif on Facebook and it's too good to not post here.



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