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Big Map Request

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Well, part edit, here is my idea:


• Base on the basic "t1_surprise" map.

• Must work in single player.

• No enemy npcs, please.

• No .exe installer, please, because I wish to use this on a Macintosh.


I would like the base map to include:


• At the starting point there could be a small permacrete area where an x-wing sits, obvious that that was your mode of transport.

• No second tunnel leading to the commandeered Jawa sand-crawler.

• Minus the wall that blocks off the canyon from going strait into the the bowl where the sand-crawler sits, it should be replaced by a crumbled remains of what it once was.

• Instead of the regular stock sand crawler I would like to see a more movie accurate one, that would be bigger and have a control room.


Base map add-ons:


•Beyond the area where the sand crawler resides, I would like to see another canyon littered with small Tattoine (?) style houses and small tool sheds, all with working doors.

• Perhaps a small overhead metal bridge with winding stairs leading up to it through a metal shaft, that would lead up to an open rock and sand area, with moisture farming machines littered about.

• After a very long space of canyons and buildings there should rock wall face, (naturally occurring and bumpy) inside a large pale sand area, with a huge metal door (closed) that can lead to a huge space beyond when opened.

•Next to the huge doors I would like to see a windowed tower (breakable glass) with a lift that would take you into a spacious control room, with control buttons and tight button controlled (meaning openable) closets. One button would start a hear-able generator and another would open the large doors, other buttons could be cameras and light switches, a garbage compactor control, and some window open/shut switches.

•At the base of the tower could be another lift that led down to a barracks of steaming pipes and energy things, along with a garbage compactor, and big generator room.

• On the first level of the barracks could be a wide open place that received light from above (through un-breakable windows) in the center would be a pit with stairs leading down to an area filled with water.

• Once the doors opened they open out into a wide open area of pits with openable doors, and skeletal remains both big and small leading to a cave system that ends in closed, un-openable door.



I, also, have a few npc ideas that I think would be a good edition to the game:


• npc spawn jawa_bad - a jaw armed with the droid destroying DEMP-2 weapon.

• npc spawn jawa_good - a jaw armed with the droid destroying DEMP-2 weapon that is friendly.

• npc spawn jawa_saber - a force using jawa with a purple lightsaber that is bad.

• npc spawn jawasabergood - a force using jawa with a green lightsaber that is good.

• npc spawn rancor3 - a really, really, REALLY big rancor with lighter brown skin and in some places white skin, bloody teeth and a sort more angry look on it's face.


Thank you to anyone who makes either the map or the npc's! :)

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