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Hi there. I love the people’s creative ideas. I finished the game a few years ago, and is still one of my top favourites, dispite the graphics, it’s very good for that time. I think this game will be excellent in developing a movie, with the original actor voices.Whether as an animation or even real life movie, but a movie might be too expensive.

Based on the old game, I would suggest that if a new ‘The Dig’ game would be made, it should keep the actors voice, with an enhanced or remastered soundtrack, with high quality graphics, but still to keep the sort of ‘ pastel sketches of the old game into the new game, otherwise the game might loose the original feeling of the landscapes and atmosphere found in the pastel sketches. Who agrees? And maybe the game could be longer, with more scenes from the book. If there wil ever be a game or movie made, sign me up 

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