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Can anyone help with the cheat commands!!!!


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Hello everyone!!


today l just goted back to jko and l started playing singleplayer:cool::cool: l'm now at keijim base level but can someone help with the cheat commands!! l wont to known how l can get weapons from the cheat console :confused::confused::confused:;) only weapons:rolleyes: that l need not all weapons just weapons that l need !!! and also how l can get items(bacta canisters,batiries,...) from the cheat console and how l can get ammo from the cheat console???





P.s l'm new with jko cheats and the weapons that l wont to add is bowcaster,heavy reapeter,blaster rifle,flettche,detonator.

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give item_bacta-bacta
give item_battery-battery
give item_binoculars-binoculars
give item_goodie_key-suply key
give item_medpack_instant-instant use madpack
give item_security_key-security key
give item_seeker-seeker drone
give item_sentry_gun-sentry gun
give item_shield_lrg_instant-instant large shield
give item_shield_sm_instant-instant small shield




give weapon_blaster-blaster rifle
give weapon_bowcaster-bowcaster
give weapon_bryar_pistol-bryar pistol
give weapon_demp2-demp
give weapon_det_pack-det pack
give weapon_disruptor-distruptor
give weapon_flechette-flechette
give weapon_melee-melee
give weapon_repeater-repeater
give weapon_rocket_launcher-rocket launcher
give weapon_saber-lightsaber
give weapon_stun_baton-stun button
give weapon_thermal-terminal
give weapon_trip_mine-trip mine




give ammo_blaster(for blaster rifle and bryar pistol)
give ammo_metallic_bolts(for repeater and flechette)
give ammo_powercell(for distruptor,bowcaster and demp)
give ammo_rockets(for rocket launcher)
give ammo_thermal(for terminal detonator)
give ammo_tripmine(for trip mines)

give ammo-fulls all the ammo


And don't forget.Before that type helpusobi 1.:)

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