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Error in Galactic Conquest


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Hey all, I have the Steam version of FOC, playing on medium difficulty the Galactic Conquest Scenario "Equal Footing." My Objectives are to eliminate the Zann Consortium and Rebellion. I get to the last asteroid field where the consortium is remaining and for a retreat, and then it goes into the victory screen (I have barely attacked the rebels, they have about 40 systems).


It seems to me that the victory trigger is to eliminate EITHER the rebs or the ZC. Is there anyway I could fix this? I was ready to get that annoying corruption crap out of my hair and deal with the rebel scum, and was pretty disappointed when I had won. My guess as to what to do if there is not a fix is to use the death star to make asteroid fields around the remaining consortium base and then blockade it to halt spread of corruption, and then go after rebels (my last save has them at a blown-up mandalore)


Any tips would be great, I spent 4 hours trying to eliminate Zann so I could get to the fun part, and this is pretty frustrating (Also, is there a way to do galactic conquest that has the FOC heroes for Rebs and Imps that doesn't have the consortium at all? I do have the steam version which I hear is hard to mod).


Also, If I have the steam version of the game should I get the 1.5 patch or not?



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