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Jedi outcast server: almost finnished


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Hello guys :D l'm starting a great project for jedi outcast it is a server that l began creating and it is almost complete but the prooces by finding a tested jkllded.exe and server.cfg files are getting slow becoz l always find them with minimall testing by the authors but still l already choosen a map for my server and it's the death star map very cool it is and l already chosen how many bots will apear if someone will leave my jko server and so please tell me who will be interested to come when l'm finnished making the server and also the players can enjoy by fighting and making some role playing so my server will be a frendly server but l made some rules to my server to keape peace in there

there is only a one rule PLEASE don't cheat at the server okay becoz l wont everyone to fight fair so there won't be any problems okay and if some will cheat they will get kicked out and also please inform me if there is a cheater in my server and if there is only a beginer at my server and he cheated a litil then he won't get kicked just remember don't cheat au and if a player needs to cheat for something like testing a skin or a mod please tell me so then l can allow it to happen so JKll

players tell me who will be interested to come :) this is only my first server gana be

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