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The XWA.net One-Year Thread VIII: Heir to the Forum


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My resolutions...


Make Specialist by the time i get home


Decide on whether to stay in the national guard or go active duty. there are many pros to both...going active I'll make more money in the long run, but have to work every day, national guard i can go back to college and focus on finding a civilian type job, I've been really considering becoming a professional photographer, one that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for photos...if I stay in the guard, going to talk to my advisor at school on which classes to take to get into that field.


Focus on myself instead of attempting to get into a relationship for the sake of not being single. This is going to be the hardest one, but I just want to better my own self so that I am ready for a relationship whenever it happens.


Focus on making more friends and networking with other people, I've got alot of philly connections now since being attached to this unit...opportunities for work, parties, etc. are plentiful. just maintaining those friendships after I return home may be a little difficult considering philly is 2 hours from where I live.


Read more books...I want to read at least 5 books while I am here. right now I am reading 'The Tiger's Way' it's a book about survival stuff. pretty useful.


Last night was the best new year's eve I've had in a few years, maybe cause 2 girls I like wanted me to dance with them...good times, feels weird not being hungover.

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Meet the New Year!


(Same as the Old Year...)


We won't get fooled again?




My sole resolutions:


Spend a bit of time each day on the exercise bike.

Clean up around the house more often.

Keep my health up.


The rest will just have to take care of itself. :dozey:


I'd like to find a new love to make me forget all the stress and agony of the old one ending... but that is kind of out of my control. All I can do is just put myself out there a bit more often, and be open to new and unexpected opportunities.


Anyway: I hope it's the best year ever for those of us who are still around! Happy New Year everybody!



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o yea i frgot another one to my list of "impossible" resolutions: 6 pack abs. lol


@ed: yea thats what im doing but just interacting with more people in general i figure maybe a girl or 2 will show interest in me if i'm out with them all as friends/coworkers during our downtime, or at least have more interaction with attractive females so when i do find one i am really interested in and ready to start a relationship with I dont fall in love too fast like i did with my exes. i want to make them work for my affection, or at least show that they are interested without me having to prove anything.

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When you have a relationship. At which point at the end of the day you end up depressed about not having the freedom of a single man.


i never got depressed about that when i was in a relationship. wish i could erase memories permanently so they stop haunting me.


since i can't have alcohol, supplements are making up for it. lol just bought hydroxycut. no xplode is good but i havent lost an ounce and i been working out alot 30-90 minutes a day ffs and eating all the healthy food. maybe the hydroxycut has something to speed up my metabolism...

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In general, I liked the stuff they pulled out from other sources and included in the movie. At first I wasn't sure about that Radagast stuff, but by the time it reached its end I thought it was good (minus his ridiculous mode of transportation). I liked the additional stuff in Rivendel.


The stuff I thought brought it down was the stuff that seemed to be totally unnecessary, like having the company pursued by orcs right from the start, the goofy Great Goblin, and the ridiculous action. I mean seriously, how many sequences of falling down bottomless chasms and ending up totally fine can you have before it becomes comical and you diffuse all tension? And the way they did the battle at the end was troubling as well. I guess they needed something climactic to cap off the first film, so I can kind of understand it, but...eh.


But the casting seemed very good (Ian McKellen as Gandalf never did anything for me, but that was pretty much predetermined). Good Thorin and other dwarves, and good Bilbo. Most of the sets and locations were also very good. The parts where they showed the palace inside the Lonely Mountain right at the start were great. If they could have used fewer CGI creatures, that probably would have helped, though.

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My biggest complaints about it revolve around "Prequel-itis". The same problems I had with SW episodes 1-3... mainly that since we have seen the outcomes already, the dramatic tension of any situation are lessened, since the audience already knows who walks away unscathed; and the fact that the foreshadowing always becomes a bit heavy-handed.


But I liked the movie for it's slightly more light-hearted feel overall (though still darker and more serious than the book...) next to LotR (which went from "Look how cute Hobbits are!" to "OMG, Wraiths!!!!" in minutes, with almost no pause.)


The Goblin cave battle was totally over-the-top... but I kind of appreciated it for exactly that reason. It was exactly what I wished and imagined all the D&D battle sessions I ever played would have looked like if filmed.


The troll scene bothered me for some reason... though it played out pretty close to the book. So did the conference at Rivendell... Though I understand why it was included, it seemed to drag the momentum down a bit.


I thought Bilbo's casting was fantastic... though I have the same minor complaint I had with the Rings movies is that Hobbits aren't supposed to be "Hollywood" skinny, but a bit portly... but it's not that big a deal.


The stuff with Gollum was spot on. That was the best part of the movie for me.

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