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The XWA.net One-Year Thread VIII: Heir to the Forum


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yeah...**** trying to find someone. im done, whenever i get home just gonna relax and go into hardcore gamer mode and just be a hermit, probably not drive either, i can walk everywhere i need to go. :) enough money left over to feed myself and pay my rent for a couple years. well for food i got drill pay for that. haha.

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Pfffff!!! Damn, i saw smoke of those piece of space sh!t that crashed in Chelyabinsk at this morning. What is it? Asoka was finally raped and shot downed?


Edlib, haha! I have such of situation almost every morning here. Just every morning take shovel and go clean snow. Like in those anecdote: "Luke, another one stupid question about the Force and you will go on Hoth to clean snow! ALL SNOW!".

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Actually China condemned "Best Korea's" latest nuclear test, and well as Russia and China both via the UN security council. The test clearly is against the 6 party talks.


But China still keeps it's economic ties with North korea. Russia does to, but indirectly via China.


So if you want to complain about no one punishing North Korea, I would put the blame more on China then Russia... which both ARE going to be punishing North Korea for doing the latest test

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Cmdr. Cracken, well, i think it's because of some of reasons that's actually can be understood in right way only in complex, but anyway, let's try divide them.


The first reason is: Kim-3 has no of atomic bomb. For sure. It's obvious here for everyone, even for school students. I really don't know what exactly demanded so many of Americans to believe in those "nuke tests", but it causes only laugh Russia. Please, find the details about those tests. Bad Korea says they provides subterranean explosions in 10 km deep (for safety of people, of ecology, of industry and bla-bla-bla) . Do you believe in this? Do you? Alright, now look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Superdeep_Borehole The Soviet Union, one of the World's most powerful economies there spent more than 20 years to drill it. How could Kim-3, who can't even feed own people well, to drill 10 km deep hole only for atomic bomb test? Doesn't it sounds a bit... hm... absurd? Do you ever understand what kind of equipment must be designed and manufactured to get in 10 km deep under ground level? I think only drilling process from engineering point of view will be much more complicated problem than making of atomic bomb itself.


And then - where's Kim's industry that would let him to create enough of active material to exceed critical mass? I think you understand at least in basic level how much is needed to be done and created to get combat enriched uranium. If no - try to investigate this question and you will definitely understand that it is absolutely unreachable for Bad Korea, that even can't manufacture their own city cars. Yes, Kim has couple of old Soviet-built nuclear power plants, but there's technologies are absolutely not appropriate for making of weapon isotopes uranium or plutonium even in minimal quantities. More... where from can he get a raw materials? China and Russia would never sell Bad Korea anything like that. Maybe US did it? Yeah, sure... The worst think that Kim-3 can do is to create some sort of "dirty bomb" with common explosive and lot of radioactive waste. But he won't do this. He is crazy guy, but not as crazy to do this.


That's why i declare: Bad Korea has no of nuke. And will never have. All their "nuke program" is just a farce from very begin to very end, they just popping air balloons and singing odes in own honor. But somebody believes and makes own pants wet. Somebody doesn't believes but sell weapons to that ones with wet pants who believes. Nothing personal! Just a business!


The second reason is: i think it's not just up to Russia. I think positions of Russia and China here is the same. If Good Korea with support of the US should unite to Bad Korea by any way (peaceful or military), then Good Korea will be leader, imminently spreading American influence into deep of Asian continent, at least in territory of Bad Korea. It should create very dangerous Geo-strategical situation when the United States would get overland access to Chinese and Russian borders in Continental Asia. It is not just undesirable for continental Asian countries, it is also directly against interests of both Russia and China who thinks that there must be no of American military influence in Continental Asia. Even presence of US advisors in Good Korea makes Russian and Chinese pretty nervous. Any discuss about re-union of Korea would be possible only when US troops completely leave Good Korea. Discuss can be, but without America, please. By opinion of Russia and China, the United States has no right of voice in this region of the Earth. And don't forget about another "complicated regions". Taiwan for China. Ukraine for Russia. Don't forget about problem of Kuril Islands (where the USA directly took Japanese side).


That's why Bad Korea is now needed for both Russia and China as some sort of "partition" between those guys that were called as "Yankee bootlickers" during the Cold War and "good guys" (well, of cause those "bootlickers" thought that exactly they are "good guys", lol). I sure that Peking and Moscow very carefully monitoring the situation in Bad Korea, treating Kim-3 and his bunch of "Christmas tree generals" as a little crazy, but in fact harmless communist fanatics that playing very important role, don't letting the United States gain a foothold in Continental Asia. And Peking and Moscow would NEVER let Kim-3 even to start his nuke program seriously.




The United States leaders themselves need to grow those myth and hysteria about Kim's nukes! Alright, if there won't be Bad Korea, then what? Far East region will suddenly became much more calm and peaceful! No threats, no problems. Then who should buy American SAMs, tanks, combat planes, and helicopters... well, even guns? How Pentagon would then explain their presence in the region, spending gigadollars of tax payers? Let's took a simple example. Did you ever see American M16 assault rifle? Those twopenny-halfpenny junk's manufacturing cost is $50 at maximum. Do you know how much it cost to an army that purchases it? Sure, you don't. Just visit closest gun shop and look. Same thing happening there to more complicated weapon systems, that must be not just manufactured, but also sold for profit. But there will be no profit for that guys who manufactures weapon if there will be no threat. Nobody wants a war, but some of interesting guys needs hysteria.


So, dear friend, just drink something hot and sweet and forget about those panic around Bad Korea as scary dream. All of it is just a stupid farce, scary folk tale for feeble minded hamsters, who spend all their evenings in front of TVs, unable to analyze and systematize even basic information. But we both belong to Homo Sapiens species, right? We have enough of gray matter inside of sculls to understand where is the trick and say "It's a trap!".


That's it.

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So you base the assumption that North Korea has no nuclear weapons on the fact they tested a nuclear device and said it was "10km underground" and don't have the ability to dig 10km down?


How about if i tell you the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test site in North Korea is just digging into the side of the mountains? and they don't need to dig a 10km borehole, and North Korea just lies about it being 10km underground so it's people are not worried about fallout.


And how pray tell do you cause a 6kt explosion? I suppose you could do it with 6000 tons of ANFO. More then likely it was a nuke.


I don't see anyone denying that the latest test was not a nuclear device. Russia, China, the US, North and south korea all said it was a nuclear device.

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Yes, they said. But... what did you awaited for, telling of "no, there was no of nuke"? Of cause they showed serious faces, shouting about "harsh and scary Bad Korea"!


Alright, let's believe officials. For a minute. Believing in existence of Bad Korean atomic weapon has some very good results. It is guarantee that Bad Korea won't repeat destiny of Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Syria and many other victims of "Empire of Good". I think we all here enough wise people to understand the true reason of aggressions of the West against those countries. Some of them were dare to reject USD as reserve currency, another ones had resources or important strategical points that US establishment would to control. All those demagogy about bringing of democracy and crushing of anti-people regimes was only a curtain, you know that. We everybody knows what these "democracy" done to people in attacked countries, it was just genocide. Military invasion into Bad Korea would resolve nothing, it will be just a long war where all neighbor countries in Far East should suffer from huge losses, while the United States should have a large gain. Of cause if we should be lucky and there will be no of those guy who would press the "last button". It is unacceptable. As i said before - there will be process of uniting of both Good Korea and Bad Korea, it just MUST be. Nobody needs those idiotic "military communism" anymore, everybody wants to unite Korean people after all. But please, no Americans there. Armed guys from West and their Washington rulers has nothing to do there.


I don't justify Bad Korea for all those "play with nukes". Even if it's a fake gun, it is still a gun. But also i don't blame them. Yes, i don't like those Bad Korean "canned communism" as well. More i can say - i don't like it even more than all of you here because of i remember the Soviet Union in it's worst years and in difference of you i can very clearly to imagine how does life in Bad Korea now looks. I know about real communist society not from senile books of Tom Clancy or horror movies for sh!thead rednecks like Red Dawn, i experienced all of it in real life. But also i can say - everything is better than to fall under control of America, becoming their colony. I can say that because of i also remember 90s in Russia, when Mr. Drunken Pig did everything that guys from Washington told him to do, causing real holocaust of Russians. I would never wish even a worst enemy to experience anything like this. I don't like Bad Korea, but i also don't wish them to fall under genocide and extermination, that would be imminently started if Americans would come there.


But i still don't believe Kim-3 has a nuke. It's just impossible from my point of view. K_Kinnison, i'm sorry for being so straight, i actually have absolutely nothing against the United States as such, but i'm strongly against those so called "American establishment" and banksters, true rulers of modern America, who never were elected by Americans and who starts wars against interests of common Americans.

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So i guess if a North Korea nuclear missile is fired and lands in your backyard, Law_snoll is safe because he doesn't believe North Korea has nuclear weapons and it won't hurt him :rolleyes:


This is nothing about "spreading Democracy" Yes, that is the overall goal of US foregin policy, but with North Korea it is more about not causing a war in the area.


Think of it this way. In the last 6 party talks NK agreed to not test any nukes, or their would be more sanctions. Then they detect an estimated 6 to 10kt explosion in North Korea, and North Korea goes on to say they tested another nuke. NK uses the increase sanctions to increase oppression on it's people, it is a Win-win for NK to test nukes.


Frankly I don't care if you do not think there is a nuke. Because if there are no nukes, it isn't as bad as a problem to you. South Korea, Japan, and China do not have that luxury. Since a nuclear weapon fired from NOrth Korea landing on foreign soverign soil and killing civilians, would demand military action against North Korea.

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I fully believe N.Korea has a nuclear device. It would take A LOT of TnT to replicate the seismic activity from that area that Japan and the U.S. Geological Survey has detected everytime N.Korea has "Detonated" a nuclear device. A LOT.


I'm concerned because I am Korean, I was born in Seoul. So this has always been a point of Foreign Policy that I pay close attention to. N.Korea, S.Korea, doesn't matter. Nuclear weapon on the Korean Peninsula need to go. Because if N.Korea can strap one of those things to a missile, S.Korea has to have them, so you have another area of the world ramping up a M.A.D policy which sucks for everyone.

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