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Replacement for Loading Screens

Sith Holocron

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OK, here was my (hopefully) small modding idea. (By the way, this one should go in the anal-retentive file . . .)


The three pictures below are loading screens for Nar Shaddaa. I think since pretty much everyone uses the Sharen Thrawn skybox for Nar Shaddaa, that perhaps someone should recreate the loading screens to show that particular skybox instead of the original ones.


a) In the "load_302NAR" loading screen, the problem area is outlined in green.




b) I've outlined the problem area in "load_306NAR" in red/orange as the Pazaak Lounge they've taken the picture in has a lot of green lighting in it.




c) The tough one in my opinion would be the loading screen "load_303NAR" which would be tough because of the airspeeder. (The skybox issue is highlighted in green, the airspeeder in orange) Ordinarily, there isn't a airpseeder at that corner of the docks. Yes, I know you can fix up the airspeeder over by the Serocco area and then use that speeder to go to the docks. However, if you do that- then the airspeeder is facing the wrong way. Kind of a bummer but I bet the smart folk here could figure out how change the direction of that airspeeder.



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Hmmm. I'm one of many that uses the mod you're talking about. I never thought about the loading screens though. I think it would be good to do loading screens to match the skybox mod.


(Quick Question: Were can I find a mod that uses concept art for the game as loading screens?)

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At one point I made loading screens for an M4-78 mod, I'll try to find the texture I used for the loading lines, since that would be a nice feature to add.


edit: I found the loading screens but not the template for the lines, will attempt to recreate it.

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How to create the lines for a KotOR II loadscreen in GIMP:


Set Foreground to white.

Select the "Gradient" tool

Set Mode to Normal.

Set Opacity to 15.0

Set Gradient to White-->Transparent.

Set Offset to 64.4

Set Shape to Bi-linear

Set Repeat to Triangular Wave

Enable dithering

Select and drag as with any other gradient, for perhaps 7 px or so.


Kudos to Archon II for figuring this out.

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