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The KOTOR Trilogy Discussion (Possible Movie Ideas)


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Now that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars and there will be new movies, I really hope in the near future they do a trilogy on the original KOTOR story. It's such a large story, I thought it would be a good trilogy if directed right and the plot points are used at specific points.


I would think you also need to cut out some side stories and some characters/roles because having a crew of 9 on the Ebon Hawk would be too much. This the part where a discussion comes in on what to do as I will have a scenario at times that can have different types of ideas on how to handle it and we discuss it together on what is the best course of action to tell this wonderful story in movie format.


Part 1 of the Trilogy:



Endar Spire: Instead of showing Revan being woke up by Trask right away, maybe you see Carth and Trask talk about how important the recruit (Revan) is and maybe have a debate on why Bastila thought he was important. In fact, maybe show Bastila tell them that, but not tell them why and as she is eluding their queries, the ship is attacked. Trask can still be sacrificed and it would mean more if you knew he was doing it to protect Revan and along with Carth escape together. You also need to give Revan an alternate name to by, but since that could be a variety of names, I'm just going to call him Revan and assume you know that he doesn't know who he really is yet until it is revealed.


Taris: After the crash, maybe even show Carth help an unconscious Revan to their hiding spot and how he eluded the Sith soldiers and then have Revan wake up after his intense dream. Then have them start on their quest to find Bastila. Again, there are side stories like the dueling arena that don't need to be apart of the story IMO, so no Bendak Starkiller.


Now, do you really need to disguise our heroes as Sith soldiers to get to the lower city? Just go there already. Maybe when they get there help out the Hidden Beks in a gang fight with the Black Vulkars; something where our heroes know who the good guys and bad guys are.


From that point maybe that is when you are taken to the Hidden Bek base when inquiring for help and meeting Mission Vao because other Beks referred to her as the one who knows a lot of what is going on in the Lower City. Now, do we need to still rescue Zaalbar? That can slow the movie down, so maybe he's already there with Mission. Yes, that is where the life debt comes in during the game if you rescue him, but again I don't think you want too many characters to focus on. That is why it was just Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie while the droids were somewhere else as was Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star in A New Hope. It could get too crowded. And as you recall, throughout the game, there are party members that keep joining the cause. To me, Revan, Carth, and Bastila are Luke, Leia, and Han in this movie trilogy in terms of their importance and everybody else is supporting characters.


So do you still help Mission find Zaalbar and the life debt comes in where they're always in the movie or do the play a small role and move the story along? You could just have it where you help Mission out with finding Zaalbar and she gives you information about what she knows about Bastila's capture, but then again by doing so you open the life debt issue with Zaalbar and does he and Mission have a role in the trilogy or just this movie or just this part of the story? Now, we know Taris becomes rubble and the idea of them dying there could tick some people off who played the game while others who would be new to the story seeing in the theaters wouldn't think as much of it.


The main quest is to find out where Bastila is and how to find her so how you get there without too many distractions is always the best way with movies. So lets say that Mission and Zaalbar volunteer to help escort both Revan and Carth to find how happened to the pod that Bastila was in and where could she be and when they learn that Bastila is captured and put in a place they can't get to, but learn she is to be off as a prize at the big swoop race, Revan enters to win back Bastila. Once that happens, this when we questioned how to take the next step and the possible role of Canderous. Does he even make an appearance? If so, what role does he play? If you're going to use him, I'd say a small role like Mission and Zaalbar.


How about this; Canderous still wants to leave Taris like in the game, tells you about getting T3-M4 to get into the Sith Base. It gets done by a team of Revan, Carth, Bastila and Canderous. Mission has been promised by Revan and Carth a ride off of Taris with Zaalbar with a promise to be able to start a life outside of Taris and part ways after the rescue to make people feel better because she won't be killed along with Zaalbar. Canderous wants to get off and new work to do somewhere else and will part ways as well. But what is Star Wars without a climatic lightsaber duel? So somehow Bastila faces off against the Sith Governor who is also a Sith Warrior and defeats him to get the codes. Because without adding that in, there is no duel.


After getting the launch codes, Canderous helps form a plan to steal the Ebon Hawk. With so many people seeking passage off of Taris, it's hard to just sneak people in Davik's base so maybe they decide to plan an attack to storm the place with everybody playing a part. You could have Calo Nord come into play right here, but I see no point to expand his role for later, especially for what I have in mind. So maybe he dies here along with Davik. Once the plan is a success and the Ebon Hawk narrowly escapes.


Dantooine: This is where I try to find how to end the first part of the trilogy. I'm thinking right now, once they get there we just assume Mission and Zaalbar either find a place to be apart of the community there or find a way to go to another planet to start new lives and Canderous takes off to go his own way as well to find new work. Bastila and Revan meet with the Jedi Council there to discuss the events that had happened and it is decided that Revan is going to be trained as a Jedi so he can help stop Malak. That is where the first part ends.



Part 2 of the Trilogy:


Dantooine: The movie starts with Revan having more dreams of his past life and the locations of the Star Maps. Now, this is where it gets tricky. There are too many planets to cover so I'm thinking of reducing them. This is where it gets tricky again. But before we get there, we start with Revan's dreams and his Jedi training and he has to pass a test and there is where Juhani's small role comes in. Revan is sent out to find out about the disturbance and that is when Revan has a lightsaber duel with Juhani and once he defeats her, he is able to reach out and redeem her. That is Juhani's role in the whole trilogy right there and Revan's final test before being sent out on his quest. We learn that Revan was easily trained and very strong and powerful already as if he had been a Jedi for years.


Now, here comes the tricky part. What planets do you use? All of them... two or them? Well, one planet I would like to see is Korriban. In fact, I have a idea to twist it a bit where it helps keep the story moving later on and still hit important plot points which to me makes it very important to the story. I also feel that having HK-47 is important because of his commentary. You need to have comic relief IMO, so you have to have Tatooine as well unless you want to come up with a story of another planet he was on. And Tatooine's perfect because of its place in the Star Wars universe. And you can cut Kashyyyk because it looks totally different in Revenge of the Sith than it did in KOTOR. And cut Manaan because it was known as being the most boring planet of the game by most gamers. Back to Kashyyyk. Does that mean we cut Jolee Bindo since there is no Kashyyyk? For the time being, Jolee is cut.


Tatooine: The quest starts on Anakin and Luke's home planet and somehow it comes up that they need a translator droid to get information from the Tusken Raiders about where to find the 1st Star Map. That's when HK-47 comes into the picture and somehow you need to make use of them from this point on like how Threepio and Artoo are used accept this time HK-47 can be used in combat and thirsts for blood. Somehow there needs to be some conflict so it's not easy. Maybe that is where Darth Bandon comes into play. Again, I haven't thought it through, but that's where a discussion comes in to fill in the gaps. Anyway, then they leave Tatooine to go to Korriban where the last Star Map is and the location of the Sith Academy. During this time Revan and Bastila get romantically involved and like the game Revan makes his moves while Bastila resists but later gives in. Even though they had advanced to a physical relationship, they still haven't shared how they feel about each other while carrying around some guilt because of the Jedi Order's rule about romantic relationships.


Korriban: Somehow Revan decides to pretends to want to be Sith to get access to the Academy. How everybody else plays their role here is up in the air at this point. But what wasn't expected was Malak's visit that wasn't expected by our heroes and by doing it this way, you cut out the Leviathan to save time in the story. What needs to be written is how Malak discovers Revan there and is alive and well and obviously has no memory of this life as a Sith Master. Bastila tries to stay hidden, but is discovered somehow and somehow the story needs to play out where Revan finds out who he was, Bastila is captured, Revan and Malak duel while Malak spilling the beans. Then there is a conflict because of how Carth feels about Revan's true identity. Then HK-47's memory is triggered at that point as Revan's former droid and maybe threatens to blast a hole in Carth if he doesn't get on board. Anyway, Carth finds a way to get over it after a discussion and the move ends with Revan, Carth, and the droids about to be on their way to find the Star Forge since now they know its location.




Part 3 of the Trilogy:


Unknown World: The Ebon Hawk arrives and our heroes realize that they can't board the Star Forge without disabling their shield and need to land on the nearby planet to the disruptor field first because they realize if the Ebon Hawk gets too close the ship is toast. Sounds like Return of the Jedi with an added twist, right? And somehow like Return of the Jedi, maybe the Republic makes their surprised attack before the shield is down. The Jedi Council is informed that Revan knows his identity after he tells him what happened and they have a discussion about it and Revan learns what happened that day and feels more bonded to Bastila than ever because of her role of saving his life. Anyway, the discussion doesn't take too much time and throughout the personal confusion of how to feel and for sure wants to help because he's in love with Bastila while the Jedi Council thinks Revan is 100% redeemed by the choice of words he uses and doesn't know he's being so agreeable and sounding understanding because all he wants is Bastila back.


While on the Unknown World and about to make their attack on the Rakatan Temple, Revan and HK-47 are shown discussing Revan's previous life. Carth is still uncomfortable about it. In the meantime, Malak turns Bastila to the dark side and when our heroes break in the temple and find the switch to turn off the disruptor field protecting the Star Forge from foreign ships, Revan and Bastila have a confrontation. They duel and it was a conflict emotionally too because of how they feel about each other. Bastila tries to turn Revan to the dark side and he almost does, especially when their true feelings for each other come into play a bit and Bastila makes the argument that they can love each other openly if they were Sith together. Somehow, other Sith come into play and Bastila escapes and after Revan, Carth, and HK-47 clean house while T3-M4 helped the crew by opening doors that couldn't just be opened before finding Bastila. Then they shut down the shield and destroy the panel so it can't be turned on again. Meanwhile the Republic came too early and were in trouble until that happened.


Star Forge: Revan, Carth, HK-47, and T3-M4 get on board the Ebon Hawk to board the Star Forge. It's a shield like you see on destroyer droids for example. You can pass through it, but you can't fire on it until it's shut down. So the Republic along with Revan and his crew board the Star Forge to shut down the shield so they can destroy the Star Forge. You have soldiers and Jedi involved here. Maybe that is a good time to bring Juhani back to help along with Jolee Bindo in the raid. And crews spread out on the Forge during this massive battle while ships are everywhere in space fighting as well. During this time, Carth and Revan have a discussion about Bastila as he knows about their relationship and fears he will betray the Republic and somehow Carth says something that hits Revan in the heart and from that point he decides that he won't join the dark side.


At some point, Carth, HK-47 and T3-M4 separate just before Revan has another showdown with Bastila. They fight again and Revan fights away with words during their intense duel to finally reach out to her and fears he may have to destroy her. But before it comes down to that, she gives in and decides to leave the dark side and when that happens, they embrace and kiss and declare their love for each other. Revan then leaves to take on Malak and even though Bastila insisted she came to help because of her love for Revan; Revan convinces her that this is something he needs to do alone and promises her he would be back and also convinces her to find Carth and help the Republic.


Then of course is the showdown with Malak and of course Revan is victorious after a very intense duel. Meanwhile, Bastila finds Carth and they find a way to shut down the shield. They all somehow meet at the Ebon Hawk just in time and the Star Forge explodes after they just barely escape. Then they have the celebration like we saw in the game and the trilogy is over.





This is where you guys put in your thoughts about what to change, make it 2 movies or 4 movies instead and what plot points you think needed to be added, subtracted or changed. I think if we all discuss together we can come up with a brilliant story that would be movie worthy. I mean, the movies are always different than the books the same reason why it would be different than the video game. There's just too much to cover. And let's have fun doing it!!! :D

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Sorry, I'm against the idea of a KotOR film, unless all of the original voice actors from the game reprise their roles. It just wouldn't feel the same without them. Even then, KotOR mirrors the original trilogy in so many ways that people will just feel like they're watching exactly the same thing, only in a different timeline.

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I guess I would not be opposed to it. Their respective characters are similar looking to the voice talent. Though I do think someone suitably tall and domineering needs to play Malak with a voice over by the original actor, in a similar way to Vader in the original trilogy.


As someone who has done production video work on amateur scale, once upon a time, I do think it would be necessary (editorially speaking) to cut out things like SWTOR, the Revan novel, and TSL from the story. The way it was, originally, was fine, with some of the background.


It'd be much cleaner story wise that the technology of the Rakata and their Star Forge were a corrupting influence. In fact, in the legacy era right now they just started a new series of comics, Cade Skywalker's Jedi Order recovering and experimenting with dark technology of the Rakatan era--the Forcesaber.


This way omission would not contradict canon in any major way, remain basically true to the original story overall, and some freedom would be gained for small things. It'd leave out what essentially is still a W.I.P. with SWTOR and leave no cliffhangers.


So much is my sentiment on the matter. Take it or leave it as you see fit.

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