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How often do you still play KOTOR?

.:Lord Revan:.

Do you still play?  

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  1. 1. Do you still play?

    • All the time...shame on you .:LR:. for not playing it as much.
    • Nah...HALO4!!!
    • Every once and a while....
    • I have to or I'd miss Yoda :'(

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I play old school games like other Lucasarts adventures every now and then for nostalgia...as for KOTOR, it's one of those games where I couldn't play it again after I saw how much time I had invested into it. Not that I didn't enjoy it or think that it was worth it, but I knew that life was too short for me to play it again, and I had other games to move onto :p


More power to ya if you can still get some value out of it though!

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