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Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy


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For anyone wondering what is up with PvP/PvE gearing in patch 2.0 and what it looks like here's some info:


There is completely new gear for PvP, check out this video for all the changes:


PvP Gearing changes in 2.0:


OR if you don't like videos :)


So there is Partisan and Conqueror gear for PvP.

A full set of Partisan gear costs 12,475 WZ comms and has 2018 expertise.

A full set of Conqueror gear costs 1,000 WZ comms, 28,600 Ranked WZ comms, and also has 2018 expertise.

Firebrand is the new Rated Gear - A full set cost 1,890 Ranked WZ comms, 2400 rating


WZ comms to ranked WZ comms conversion has stayed the same. That's pretty much it.


I would like to note the specific changes to recruit gear, that being its removal. You're probably wondering how you're going to fair in PvP without a beginner's PvP set. Well Bioware has decided to replace recruit gear with its bolstering mechanic used in brackets 1-49. In patch 2.0 there are three brackets: LvL's 10-29, LvL's 30-54, LvL 55. That means if you go into bracket 10-29 you'll be boosted up to LvL 29, and if you go into bracket 30-54 you'll be boosted to LvL 54. Your stat bolstering will be determined by item LvL not character level this time around.


For PvE gear, there is also new gear. Now we have Arkanian Gear as Tier 1 and Underworld Gear as Tier 2. I'll update this post with new costs and requirements when I'm done with classes for the day.


If you're looking for item models for all this armor check out this site: http://dulfy.net/2013/02/20/swtor-le...odels-preview/


Hope this helps!

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Meh, I don't need a predifined rotation to see what skill is best for me in what instance.
Then don't play the game right and don't be surprised when people kick and ignore you from groups. You think it is hard finding a healer now, try finding one when you are on 20 to 30 ignore list. I don't mind helping new players, what I can't deal with is people that are terrible, but think they are all of that. I largely played like you when I first hit 50 on my first toon. Did what I wanted, when I wanted. However, that does not work for harder content. If you want to stink and wipe and play the way you want, that is fine, but please stay away from operations and HMFP unless with people that don't mind carrying you through the instances. Because if you complete it without a rotation you were carried there is no if ands or buts about it. You are a menace to group play, sorry to be blunt, but it is a fact. Just like I was a menace to group play when I first hit 50. The difference was I wanted to get better and I would take suggestions and advice.
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Added to what mim said... it's easy to blame BioWare for everything, but not everything is BioWare's fault. A lot of it is YOUR fault for just ignoring mechanics and just being a total grump. You're never going to have fun with this game, the entire fun of this game for you seems to be to complain about it, it's old crotchety man syndrome.


Plus, what the hell are YOU complaining about repair costs? You don't do ops. Try doing ops and owning the highest level gear with these repair costs and THEN come to me and start bitching. And yeah, while repair costs suck, all BioWare did was fix it so the repair formula worked the way it should and restored it to the way it used to be.

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To be fair, the majority of specs and classes in TOR don't use a true rotation system, but more of a combination of ability priority systems and ability synergism. For example on live right now, Force Stun > Tumult are two abilities that work in synergy. Just like Weaken Mind > Force In Balance work well together, or how TKT can proc instant cast Mind Crushes. In summation you don't have to learn a "rotation" but it behooves you to learn the mechanics behind all of your abilities beyond what you read on the skill tooltips.

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To be fair, the majority of specs and classes in TOR don't use a true rotation system
Yeah, Mav is correct, it really isn't a rotation it is a priority system...If the proc is up do this for maximum damage and energy management.


Not sure how accurate this is for balance, but for the infiltration shadow it seems correct.




Priority List:


Saber Strike (Out of Force)

Force in Balance (Even single target, every CD)

Telekinetic Throw (Under Force Potency)

Project (If Twin Disciplines is not active, or about to expire)

Spinning Strike (Target at 30% health or less)

Shadow Strike (Find Weakness, behind target)

Mind Crush (Force Strike buff, preferentially on an unafflicted target)

Sever Force (On a target not currently afflicted, or about to expire)

Force Breach

Telekinetic Throw (if you need healing or are low on Force)

Double Strike or Whirling Blow


Of course that is all going to depend on your build. This list of Priorities is for this build http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#601Mc0MZbZcMfRrMkrfz.2


If you set learn what abilities produce what proc (buffs) and what abilities consume what proc and give you the highest damage and lowest energy usage, then I promise you the game will get easier and you will not miss Tumult because stuff will die before energy management is even a issue.


This is a MMO, BioWare is not going to please everyone all the time. Like you I am not happy Cheap Shot is being removed, but I will adapt to my new priority list depending on my build. I am not happy about all the equipment that me and my groups have worked on getting is about to become worthless either, but I will get new gear.


i dont know what they mean by rotation? is that order of specials used vs mob?

Here is a guide on sniper (if that is the class you are playing) if not google for a guide or look on the offical forum.



As to group finder not working, are you expecting a instant pop?


Leveling they can take forever to pop.


At 50, for dps you are in for a wait too. Longest I think I have waited is 45 mins on dps, it was so long that I forgot that I was even in group finder.




Operation you are even looking for a longer wait. I have only done one ops in group finder for a random group and it took about a hour to pop even though I was on my healer. Then the group was so bad they couldn't even beat enrage on the second boss and then yelled at the healer (me) for them dying. Needless to say, I only do guild runs and a few runs with people I have ran with before now. :xp:

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well my sniper never had to worry about that ****. cept in pvp but that is more of a gear issue.


ahh the group finder only looks for damage/tank/heal with whatever is the best that is lfg?


second, how can I START up a group like that, if i can't join one?

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well my sniper never had to worry about that ****. cept in pvp but that is more of a gear issue.
PVE and PVE both have gear and skill issue. You can complete solo without a priority system, I know I did is with a sawbones. However, you will not be able to pull off group content proficiently without a priority list. If you are not using one in group content then you are being carried.


ahh the group finder only looks for damage/tank/heal with whatever is the best that is lfg?


second, how can I START up a group like that, if i can't join one?


If you are DPS - Pick Damage as your role. Sniper is a dps spec. Dps = Damage per second.


In a hardmode Flashpoint you will get put into a group with:

1- Tank

1 - Healer

1 - other DPS (2 total including you)


If you want to enter Group Finder with a ready made group then you need

1 - Tank

1- Healer

2 - DPS (including you if your role is dps)


For operations you need

2 - Tanks

2 - Healers

4 -Dps (including you)


That is the reason group finder takes so long, shortage of Tanks and sometimes healers willing to play with pickup groups (pugs).

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Heh, people were suprised I could complete HM FP's with pre-Tionese gear just fine (well, haven't tried LI of course). Having access to purple now, it can only get better. I'm nog such a noob as you guys want to believe. I do take suggestions. However simply removing a powerful ability isn't really a "suggestion".


I got complains about Force Wave use in HM FP's. I refrained to use it throughout that entire match with the person complaining about it. But I am not going to remove it from my quickbar. Free damage (no force power), individual recharge, AoE, tumult option. It's pretty good. Just have to be careful when to use it. Sometimes I do blast people out of the big green thing on the floor (when it's cast when I cast it), but more than that I use it to blast people in the green area. Or force a fall. Or just plainly do damage to all boss-types. Save a teammate being attacked. If I was going to simply ignore it like I apparently should I only hamper my options to be useful. Same for tumult. It's use may be limited, but in those limited cases, it's usually the best option. Nothing says me other powers doing less damage *and* taking my precious force are better. Because why waste Force when the kill can be done without? I think that would be called... efficiency.


Priority list (for me);

Force in Balance (Even single target, every CD. Sidenote; The balance line gives force suppression to this power, aside from granting it. Which helps making all powers afterwards more damaging.)

Sever Force (On a target not currently afflicted, or about to expire. Also hopefully critting and healing)

Force Breach (Keeping DOT active while I do more damage. Also, again, healing)


Telekinetic Throw

Spinning Strike (Target at 30% health or less)

Double Strike

Mind Crush

Saber Strike (If Out of Force)


Yeah, the healer or tank usually gets the blame. Can't say I always agree. Remember Colloid Games (aweful FP) where the healer left after a wipe first enemies after that stupid turret stuff. And rage-quitted. Our new healer fortunately was a lot nicer, and we trained the tank a bit, making him more effective, and in the end finishing the FP all together. It's better to train people unknowing than ragequit and leave them in the dark, or repeating mistakes next fp.

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Not since 1.6 they don't. Unless they're f2p and simply can't use it.


Really more a priority than clear rotation, since it's really dependant on situations. I always use Force in Balance, but sometimes I have to leave it aside not to break cc. And similar exceptions such as that.


Anyway, my Maurader just learned Gore. Time to see if it's any good in the game :).

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