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Unable to Revisit Telos


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I originally posted this on the "Are You Stuck on Telos" Sticky Thread, but my issue was not resolved, and techanically I am not stuck on Telos, but I am unable to revisit it with resetting the main quest line.


Well, I am having issues with Telos... but, not that particular bit. I already completed Telos, from first arriving and getting arrested, all the way to leaving the academy.


I decided to return to Telos, to finish up on some things, and I get a seriously annoying glitch.


The whole "Arrested" quest tries to restart. The dock worker (in the window) says to please stand by, as Grenn is on his way, and he says that we are to be detained, but after the first dialogue options, it stops, and he just stands there. I can't talk to him, and all the Telos Maps and doors and everything acts like I have never been there before.


Has this happened to anyone else? And, if so, is there any way to fix this? I only have two saves before all of this, and they are on Peragus, at the beginning of the game.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT: Also, I have TSLRCM 1.8.2, M4-78EP, XarWarz' hi-res, The Full Force Mod, and a few other, minor mods that change things like lightsabre flickering, some graphics, and things like that.




Do you have a file called 201TEL.git in your override?

If so, delete it.




I do not have that in my Override.


Any other suggestions? I am listing everything that is in my override folder, and every specific mod I have installed.


I can also use KSE if there is something I need to do in there. I don't normally use it very often, and I don't go near the Globals List or quests.



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Movement Animation Fix for KOTOR and TSL

Movie Style Retextures V7

KreMov01.bik (to fix the movie)

Darth Nihilus - Lord of Hunger by Drewton (reskin mod)

Cyan Fix by Marius Fett

Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by ChAiNz.2da


Fixed Mandalorian Banners by jonathan7

XarWarz' V.E 2013

TSLRCM 1.8.2


The Sith Lords: Full Force Mod Pack 1 by Team Hssiss

Real Visual Effects TSL by Shem


Override Folder

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If need be, I can upload my Override or Save Games Folder (s) if someone wants to take a better look at it. Thanks in advance!




When I exit the E.H alone, the dock worker does that little speech about waiting for Grenn, who never shows up. If i go with Kreia and Atton, same thing, but Grenn actually shows this time, and dialogue options appear, all of which end after the first option. Once the dialogue is over, you can't talk to them, and everything appears as if you were never there the first time around.


Nothing changes in my Quests, but it does give me 1000xp.


I am sorry if this violates any rules about posting on different threads.


Please help with this, thanks in advance to all who try!

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