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Jedi Academy Mod


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Greetings fellow jedi and sith .


Im new to the forums and I need your help . Few months ago there was a total

conversion for jedi knight jedi academy . I forgot the name of the mod it was located here I could not find it .


The screenshots of the mod basically shows a reborn_boss from jedi outcast *which you play as* with a purple light saber I believe...or green its either of the 2 .


I know this information is not enough but does it ring a bell to any of you?


some of the other screenshots include a blurry coruscant skyline and another picture of a reborn_new from jedi academy


thanks in advance for your replies .

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I remember playing a mod with a Reborn boss. First level took place in a sewers.



can you tell me the name of the mod please ?


also if possibel can you give me the list of total singleplayer conversions that are available to play apart from dark forces.

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