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The Phantom Menace Glitches (post any you know of)


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Hello everyone. Although I am very new to the forums, I am very experienced with the Phantom menace. To this day, I devote time in finding glitches within the Phantom Menace game and discovering other secrets about the game, it's characters, and it's mechanics. Still, I know there is many things I have not discovered about the Phantom Menace. Thus, I am curious to know of all the glitches people have found on the game within this forum. Please post your glitch and also how you come across that glitch. If Master Qui Gon is reading this, know this: I know that you like to exploit glitches regarding Darth Maul but there is a way you can fight two Darth Mauls at the same time in a level(There are also a ton of things that you have yet to discover too). Zanzibar, I hope you are still viewing these posts because I have discovered things such as that will blow your mind (there are also several things I want to ask you). Anyways, please post all the glitches/secrets below if you know of any and also include how you came across/exposed that glitch.

Also, I would appreciate if anybody could tell me a way to unlock and view the game level files.

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Hey, I am very intrested in this game too like Secret areas, Glitches and alot of other things, but i haven't found anything at all yet that aren't already known, but i wonder if you ( or anyone else that passes by) Could write down all secrets and glitches you have found right now ?, i have been looking around but couldn't find any thread or anything on this subject, I would really like to try them out my self and try to find new things as well , :)

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First glitch, the most annoying one.


On the newer systems, there is an annoying music bug, where from time, to time the music freezes, and costantly loops the same part.



Second glitch, the most strangest i enountered.


on my latest playthrough, in the Final Battle (Naboo Hangar), where you fight Dart Maul, alongside with Qui Gon Jinn i encountered a glitch, where there was Maul fighting Qui gon, and a second Darth Maul standing in the middle of the Hangar, doing nothing. I wanted to kill Darth Mauls clone, but it was invincible, so i went fighting the real one ;)



Third glitch, the most coolest and desired by everybody.


You can pass through the falling platforms in Level one (Trade Federation battleship), though it is hard to do, and you need some skill, to achive that. I menage do do this in the demo version of Phantom Menace. I dont know if it is possible in the full version. I also heard, that it is easier to do in the PS1 version. You can see a video on Youtbe, where some guy is doing that on the PS1 version. There is nothing special behind the falling platforms, just a squared area, with closed door. There is also a place, where you can fall through the level in this area.



Fourth glitch, the most useless one.


Pass the falling platforms, in the vent area (Where your ship is blowing up) You can jump on that metal boarder/fence, close to zapping droids entrance. (You have to be close to the entrance though, otherwise Obi Wan slides down).


Now, this is not really a gltich, but it is also worth mentioning. You can easly beat Maul, when you first encounter him on the Desert. Just draw your blaster, move/walk constantly backwards and shoot him every time he gets close to you. How it works is, when Maul gets close and attacks, he stops and gets blocked by his attack animation, yet by constantly moving/walking backwards, you can escape his attack range. He also cant deflect blaster shots, when he is in the attack animation. All you need is a little bit of skill, to get the moment, when he attacks.



This is also not a bug, but remeber that little Gonk Droid, right at the start of level one. In the area, to the right from the conferance room, WHICH IS FILLING WITH POISONED GAS !! (Where you get a blaster, for the first time in the game) Well, if you wait a few minutes the Gonk Droid explodes, like a thermal detonator



Oh, and the last bug/glitch/oversight. On the final battle with Darth Maul, in the generator room, when maul attacks with his saber, you can notice that Obi Wan is bleeding. It is very interesting, becouse when Obi Wan or Qui Gon attack with their lightsabers enemies like, Maul, merc's or aliens, then they dont bleed. Personally i think, that it is cool :D Somebody should make a mod, which would cause enemies other than droids to bleed, when attacked with players saber:)

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Hi there! Thanks very much for the response. I have already discovered/exploited the third/fourth glitches, but I have never quite discovered the second glitch you mentioned. How did you manage to discover that/what's the secret to triggering it?

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I think, that the second one was just pure random, so i dont think that there is a way to trigger it. Basically i just wanted to return back to the Hangar, when playing as Queen. (After the Curuscant level the game shifts you for a while to Obi Wan and then, when you enter the Hangar it goes to the animation, where Obi and Qui Gon meet Maul, then you play as the Queen again). So i was just screwing around for a while, close to the Hangar doors, when playing as Queen, but i dont thing that this triggered the Mauls clone bug.


What i think that triggered it is the fact, that i played the whole game at the "60fps" cheat.


Thanks to you i just found another AWESOME BUG. You can kill Darth Maul In the Hangar, right after Curuscant level, when the game lets you play as Obi Wan again.

Just get close to the Hangar doors (dont enter the Hangar), when they open activate the "Naughty Naughty" cheat, to lower the camera. When the camera lowers, you will see Darth Maul standing in the hangar. Just draw you Blaster, Plasma fusion trigger. or Rocket launcher and KILL HIM !!! YAY!! The galaxy is saved again and Qui Gon survived LOLz


You may also try to trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, by doing this.

Again while playing as Obi Wan, after Coruscant level, get close to the hangar doors, enter Naughty Naughty cheat, shoot Maul few times (but dont Kill him) and then you might trigger the Darth Mauls clone bug, but i newer tried it so im not sure. :D

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There's a bug in the PlayStation version of the game that allows you to transfer your weapons from one level to another, or even between characters (though they sometimes change dependant on the character).


It's been a long time since I played the PlayStation version, so I'll tell you what I remember.


You need to load a saved game, preferably one with lots of weapons/ammo. You then need to load another saved game and purposefully die in that save game. Instead of reloading, choose to restart the level and you will start with the weapons of the first save. As I said, there are exceptions: for instance, if you try to transfer Obi-Wan's weapons to Panaka, then Panaka will receive more ammo and an R-65 Heavy Blaser instead.

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Just had an odd experience at the start of Mos Espa.


Was just starting to fight the Tuskens. I was doing my usual tactic of not going beyond the wall of rock on the right so the ones with rifles couldn't shoot me.


I hung around just at the entrance with Padme and Jar Jar and one or two Tuskens would jump over to fight - usual routine.


However, one of the Tuskens either jumped round so he was between us and the ship (not seen that before). While he was still in the air I instinctively force pushed him, wondering if I could get Obi Wan and Panaka to join the fight for once. However, the Tusken flew (literally) off the screen! I ran back to the ship and he was nowhere to be seen. I went back to fighting the Tuskens.


A minute or so later another one jumped over us towards the ship and disappeared without me even force pushing at all. Even weirder, when I went back to the ship Obi Wan had disappeared, though Panaka was still there assuring me he was going to keep watch till I return (though not bothering to help at all).


I went back to fighting and was down to two Tuskens plus the two with rifles. Then, randomly, a Tusken dropped out of the sky (I guess the original one) and joined in the fight. I can only presume he'd been in orbit somewhere!


Was very very odd! And then just to make it better Padme got herself killed (why never Jar Jar?)

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Florida, that usually happens. In my videos, there are tons of glitches that you can do.

For example, on mos espa arena, you can reach jabba "pet?" without talking to the twilek pros**** ? LOL


You would have to watch the videos.. im too lazy to edit and create a compilation of glitches.



*No marketing intended, although i feel bad that not so many people watch them :(



Ah, theres also a funny glitch.. You can kill the jawa 'tribe' on mos espa by going behind the houses.

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