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restarting open jedi project


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Hi Guys, as you know the game is fully open sourced now :). Should we try to have a git repository for the source and try to implement all the bug fixes from OJP, ioquake3, and.. start porting the sp to mp? I think that'd be a good community project, also i can post this to jkhub.

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Well... all the projects have to be open-sourced as part of the codes release. So techniqually everything is an Open Jedi Project!


I'm still down with this. Once force powers and styles are easy~ish to implement I'm planning on making a whole bunch of magic/force animations for people to use however they want.

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Never thought I'd see the day... I wonder if this means the Dark Forces II source will ever be released? In any case... THANK YOU RAVEN SOFTWARE!


I hope you guys weren't suggesting re-creating JKA from scratch using ioquake... why bother when JKA itself is open source?


Anybody got a link to the Jedi Outcast source? I can only found JKA (granted, I am about 8 months late to the party...)



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