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Star Wars Rides

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The important part of the article:


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Now that Disney has "Star Wars" in its clutches, expect the force to spill over into its theme parks and television ventures.

"In addition to the 'Star Wars' feature films that we've already talked about, we're also working on opportunities for television and our parks," CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday, according to MSN. "It's still very early in the process. We'll announce details as these developments evolve."

This will be more than worth it if they can somehow build an attraction pitting Snow White's dwarves against a pack of rabid jawas in a knife fight.

There's speculation over how big Disney might go, from adding a few more attractions to all-out, brand new "Star Wars" theme parks.

If that's the case, they should build a giant Darth Vader helmet and call it "Sith Mountain."

The company has reportedly begun gauging potential customer response to the idea. Gawker's Ken Layne tweeted an image from a Disney survey that asked respondents this question: "How interested would you be in visiting a 'Star Wars' themed land at the Disneyland Resort?"


So anyone want to go to Disney with me and ride in a Melenium Falcon roller coaster? Or maybe a new park called revenge of the rides? Personally I'm voting to enter a Starwars themed ride/park we should have to dress up like wookies and swear our alliance to the jedi counsel anyone with me?


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