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The Curse Of Monkey Island MIDI music


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The OldSchool project gave me an idea:

what if I sequenced note-by-note, instrument-by-instrument some of the great tracks played by top quality players (including Michael Land himself on electric bass) in this great game?


I tried to capture every single note (man, even the errors, when possible), even with the limitations of General Midi (for instance, timbales have a great variety of sounds, even though they are just two pieces of drums, and General Midi has only got two sounds for them, high and low).


So far, here they are:


Stan's theme:


Download! (click here)


Download VST Version, to see the similarities with the original one, just for fun :)


Wally's theme:


Download! (click here) (WILL BE UPDATED SOON because of some percussions related inaccuracies)


The intro! Or at least, the catchy part of it:


Download! (click here)


Work in progress:


- Main theme (!):

Only misses 2 steel drums tracks and it's done.


Let me know what you think, your opinion on this is really important!

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Intro added in the list!
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These are quite excellent.


I'm not of a musically gifted position to judge them, but as a fan, you've done a great job. I am impressed with what you've been able to capture within Midi format.


I look forward to your Main Theme, especially with the hard work it sounds like this work takes.

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Thanks guys, really :D

But as far as I know, that demake project was dead :(


Anyway, here's an update for you:




This is like... 50% of the entire and complete work for the main theme


It's got:





Rhythm Guitar

Lead Guitar

MT-32 Organ (it still needs some corrections here and there, but... yes, there actually IS a MT-32 Organ in the recording, and it looks like it's taken directly from MI1, and so I did; and, as Land did on the recording, I still have to make some adjustments)

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I'll do my best :p:D


In the while,


after a very short conversation with Peter McConnell on facebook, here's what I got hold on:




This is just a MI2 midi with a VST arrangement, as the title suggests.

But listen to those sounds, do they remind you something? ;)




Yes, I managed to get my hands on some of the virtual instruments used in CMI, EFMI and also in Grim Fandango :o


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Cool idea! I think you did an amazing job sequencing those tracks. I'm a little late to the "party", but I'd like to contribute, here is my midi version of the music track that plays in the Hotel on Blood Island : https://mega.co.nz/#!rwMRBI7Q!v-J5Cr6Hax7Wg0zgjAAqXq6usIfzvyeOc27viTlSYs0


I did this in two hours, so there might be a lot of wrong notes. I did this by first syncing my daw to the original track and then by ear "painting" all the notes on top of it. It's really hard especially when you have so many chords and instruments going on at once. For instance there is an accordeon in the original track but it's very quiet, so I didn't hear it in the first place. There is also a lot of vibrato and legato on the oboe, which is almost impossible to recreate in MIDI, so I didn't even try.

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