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Revan mask for TSL


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Hello, I'm currently working on a TSL trilogy and was thinking about using Revan in some flashbacks in my film. Does anyone know where I can get JUST the Revan mask for TSL? No hood or robe, just the mask. It needs to be a wearable mask for my character, just as Revan wears it in KOTOR. Every mod I've come across is either a full Revan model or hood/mask combo, and the only ones I've seen that might work are for KOTOR, not TSL.


I really need a Revan mask for my TSL movie, so if this doesn't exist already, I'd like to request it. Thanks!

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You're in luck; there is already a discrete model in the game files, so it's just a matter of converting it to a mask.


Here we go:


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EDIT: See below.


Let me know if it needs any adjustments.

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Well......it's giving me some problems. I dumped the files in the override and I got this:




On the drag-n-drop, one file tried to overwrite another and I then realized I had the hood mod installed and that I_Mask_105.* was already being used. In addition to your (3) files, I also found I_Mask_105.mdx in the Override but not in your download. I deleted this. I also found I_mask_105.tga and a_helmet_105.uti in Override so I deleted those too since they were older files seemingly tied to the hood mod. I figured these three older files may have been interfering, but now the game crashes every time I spawn the mask and try to equip it. Any ideas?

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