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Darth Groovy's first solo record? WTF?

Darth Groovy

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So yeah long, long, long time ago I used to sing in a few bands. During those years and the years that followed I wrote several songs, and mothballed them as I went from band to band. With my recent failing health, I dusted off those old songs, and have been working with a friend of mine to produce a solo album.

Back in the 90's I read a book about John Lennon, and came across a very unique name....Taro. I always thought one named artists were the coolest, like Sting, Bono, Madonna, Prince...etc. So the name stuck, and has been my "stage name" for years.

So without further delay, here is a snippet from my first solo album Terrace Edge Chronicles which should be out iTunes by the end of the summer.



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