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Darth Reptinus

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You can message me all you want, and I'll do my best to help, especially pertaining to skinning or 3d modeling, I'm just not gonna stay active in this particular modding community, for technical reasons. I might not get to your message right away, as I usually only check here for messages a few times (2-3 at most) a day, if I ever come on here.


And, it's okay to ask, but don't expect an immediate answer. When I first started, way back when the community was a bit more active than it is now, I wouldn't get an answer right away. Now it's been a while and many modders have come and gone. Give it time. Even when I asked questions and learned from the answers, I still learned most of the stuff I learned through trial and error, and observation.


This. Plus it is normal that no modder should answer you in the next 12 hours. We have a life that takes priority over modding. If you (Reptinus) really want a fast answer, you can try to PM more than one modder. But in general, I find that you usually get an answer within 3 days. Hell, I had this question for a guy on another forum and waited a whole year to get an answer... And it was worth-it ;)


Good to see you Triggergod, by the way!

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Moved from Holowan to the Feedback forum.


Folks, let's remember that KOTOR, while dearly loved by all of us here, is now a 10 year old game. Not nearly as many people are playing it as in years past, and the number of modders have dropped as a result.


Also, we literally have members from all over the world. What is daytime for you is night time on the other side of the planet, and folks are asleep when you post, so they can't answer immediately. This is also a time when a lot of people are on vacation, doing exams for school, graduating, attending weddings, and so on. Please give everyone the benefit of the doubt and give them time to answer before getting upset.


Also, for anyone offended by a post, please report it instead of getting mad and posting back. We are a friendly crowd, if quieter than in years past. Let's be a good example of it. :) Thanks.

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9.Quanon somehow seems to know everything about area models.[/QOUTE]


Héhéhé, this sounds like I was born with all the knowledge to get something from 3Ds Max into the Kotor games :lol:


This thread shows where I started my journey with modelling areas. Before that I did just skins and other texture stuff. Small lightsaber model and guns. Nothing spectacular.




I used the Search function of the forums a lot times to solve my modding woes. There are many threads burried with golden tips! Can be a bit frustrating to dig it all up, but guess that's how it is these days.

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