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Coming across a glitch...

Christos K

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I've just gotten to the point where you've found the third Star Map and have been captured by the Leviathan.

It plays the cutscene of the Ebon Hawk being drifted through space towards the Leviathan as normal...

BUT THEN this weird image appears of what I think is a "space + stars" texture with some other texture to the far right and then Bastila declares "This isn't finished Malak!" Clearly none of this is supposed to happen or at least not yet.

Next I'm in the Ebon Hawk with all the party members in their proper position for the dialogue about who will infiltrate the Leviathan and free the rest of the party except there is no dialogue.

All the party members are just standing there. I've tried talking to each of them to try and trigger the dialogue but that doesn't seem to be working. Strangely enough Canderous and Juhani have new dialogue that I don't think I ever seen before.

I figured some script files got corrupted/deleted/etc or whatever but I'm not sure which ones.

Any help would be appreciated!




In case anyone else is having a similar problem, I found this thread and roughly followed the same directions which seemed to have fixed my problem.

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