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[Dedicated Server] don't appear in the list


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Hi :)

I downloaded Server manager ( http://i.d.com.com/i/dl/media/dlimage/61/16/3/61163_large.jpeg

to create my own server and (if possible) let it ''run'' and welcome people while I afk...


Because when we create dedicated server from the game we have a black screen with the map and number of players + time, so we can't participate to our own party and if we close star wars the party stop...


So so that's why I took Download Manager, I did enter all details I wanted, and started the server, it looked like it work (showed me time left, number of people in team etc...) but when I run the game, I don't find my server in the list x.x


I of course found people that had the same problem but the post is from 2006 and no one answered them.

Maybe it's an IP address/Game port problem ? Maybe it has to be similar as the Star wars battlefront II online machine IP address... but I don't know it.


End of the painful reading ( sorry eng is not my native language) So if anyone can help ^^

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