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Old school server still running, join today! (Meatgrinder)


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I just thought I'd throw up a reminder to any old timers (or new comers!) who still play this game (I see 149 active players on Qtracker right now), or wanted to try it out online.


I have a full time job and a lot going on, so I haven't played in a long time, but I'd be happy if people used it even in my absence.


And as for complaining about "the bots" I know, I know. I wish they were better, but in the meantime, I'd rather not have the server just sit there empty. Think of it as keeping the seats warm. ;)


Enjoy! And please report if the server is down and you can't get it going (unless it's 4am CST in which case it's just restarting). I'll restart it as soon as I can.


(JA Server: )


Official patch required. OJPBasic and star wars skins optional.



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Sadly, bots are here to stay.


Be honest, do you really want to sit in spectator mode at the "waiting for players" screen on each siege map until you have at least 2 humans? People drop in/out all the time and so you'd be seeing that a lot. Most of us would rather just get into the game and let it flow until other people show up.


If it were just us playing and we wanted a "fresh start" I could easily arrange that. I could even set it so you could "vote" to restart the map, though we've had problems with voting in the past screwing things up when I'm not there to monitor.


Next thing, on some of the maps the bots really don't do much, due to bad AI, and so it's almost as if they're not even there after a few minutes (see for example the poor bot pathing in some of the larger ctf maps).



So I'll tell you what, if you can ensure there will be 4+ people there every day playing on the server for most of the day, I would consider taking them out. If you've got a better AI routine, I'll be happy to try that too. Otherwise, deal with it.

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Hello all! I am Xooteen Vega, player of Jedi Academy game. I want to make an announcement: i am playing on an RPG server in GameRanger.It is called "New Era RPG" and this is the link:http://starwarsnewera.amforum.net/f1-star-wars-new-era-forum. The server started on June 2013 and we are recruiting for both Jedi Order and Sith Order.We have ranks, trials, events and training sessions which are very interesting.If you want to see more check this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwJ9f3VLKZo&list=HL1390739732&feature=mh_lolz. Come visit our forum and register if you like. You can find our server online most of the time only on GameRanger platform.

Thank you!

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