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Heroes: The Fall

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((Well, I think it's time that we get another Superhero rp going. Been awhile since I've seen an active one. Just for the record, this was posted on another site so if you see it there, don't worry, the Rp is my creation. This is set in a universe where the majority of the heroes were killed off by a massive alliance of villians. It's basiclly an Old Man Logan Rp.))


It's been nearly sixty years since the majority of the Heroes of the world were wiped out by a vast alliance of Villians who stood united in their hatred of the superheroes who had stopped them time and time again. The few who weren't killed have long ago given up on their beliefs and have gone into hiding among the non-superhero population. Others took their own lives after seeing the horror that their inability to stop brought upon the world. A few who have now been branded as traitors switched sides and became Villians and Warlords fighting over what little land the true villians have left untouched as they struggle to gain power amongst themselves. The villians for all intents and purpose have finally won.


But wherever there are villians, there will always be those willing to rise against them. Among evil and corruption there will always be those who feel the urge to do what's right. There will always be those who have special gifts who feel the need to use them for the greater good.


There will always be heroes.


Character Sheets.



Hero Name:



Appearance: Either a picture or a description works.


Powers: Describe the powers your characters posses


History: Describe your characters history

Equipment: ((Mostly for heroes that use technology like Iron man suits and such.))






No God-modding.

Maximum of four characters per person

Please be respectful of other players. Insult the characters not the players

Please clear all really important plot related ideas/decisions with me

Have fun and be creative with your characters and their powers.


I'll get my characters up soon.


Name: Amy Zander

Hero/Villian Name: Thorana

Age: 26

Apperance: Looks like a female version of Thor except longer hair and the hair color is black instead of blonde. Her eyes are a green color.

Powers: Super-strength, Super-endurance, basiclly the same powers as Thor.

Skiils: Experienced hand to hand fighter.


Weapons: Mjolnir

Affiliation: Good

History: It is said that after Thor was killed during the night the heroes were massacred, his hammer was left where Thor had fallen as a message to those who would try to fight the villians of the world. Over time, people came to the hammer and some began to pray to it, hoping that the heroes would return. Amy was being chased by a group of thugs and she came across the hammer. At the time, Amy was defensless and the only thing within reach was the fabled hammer of the fallen Thor. As her hand gripped the handle of the hammer, a voice echoed through her mind.


"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."It was at this point that for the first time in nearly thirty years that the hammer was lifted from the ground and the thugs turned and ran. It took a few days, but eventually Amy learned to use the power of Mjolnir and months later she managed to use the full power of Mjolnir while training in secret. Now, after months of training to use the hammer and her newfound super abilities that she emerged. Ready to fight.



Name: Jax Tirek

Hero Name: Slipstream

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Although he doesn't often take off his armor, it is known that he does have green eyes and brown hair. Not much else is known about his apperance.

Personality: Friendly to those who he is allied with but very cold towards his enemies.

Powers: Valeran possess super human speed and is able to literally run rings around his opponents.

Skills: Hand to hand combatant.

History: To be revealed in the Rp.

Equipment: None



Final character. For now.


Name: Unknown

Villain Name: Lord Steel

Age: 29

Gender: Unknown

Appearance: True appearance is unknown. Lord Steel wears a heavily modified version of stolen Iron man armor that has been upgraded on a massive scale. No one who has challenged Lord Steel has ever returned alive

Personality: Very cold and calculating. Although Lord Steel has been said to posses a very fierce temper.

Powers: The ability to fire repulsar beams from the hands and the ability to fire beams of unknown composition from the eyes. The suit is also armed with other weapons such as small missiles. The suit also is capable of near superhuman strength.

Skills: Experienced with technology and is capable of repairing nearly anything.

History: Although Lord Steel wasn't present during the initial years after the purge, the unknown man or woman known as Lord Steel first appeared a few years ago and killed off a minor warlord and quickly took over his territory and soon after began to expand the territory to include most of California and a few other states. Other villains attempted to stand against her but they didn't really stand a chance. As of recently, Lord Steel has stopped adding territory and it's rumored that Lord Steel is currently battling it out with another villain for territory.

Equipment: Battle suit that was based off stolen iron man suit designs.

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Well, I have to jump in somehow XD


Name: Curtiss Theodore (Teddy) Bentley


Hero Name: The Postman; Grey Man; Lynch; Specialist Bentley; 'man in the suit' (not technically hero names, rather, these are names attributed to rumors and eye witness reports)


Age: 32


Gender: Male


Appearance: Curtiss stands tall at 6 ft, 3 inches, with relatively Germanic features (cleft chin, defined higher cheekbones, noticeable clavicles), black hair with premature graying edges. Very sharply contrasted greyish-blue eyes. Relatively slight build, cannot be more than average weight and mass for a 30-year-old male. Has only 3 fingers on his left hand, other 2 presumably removed (whether by surgery or by other means unknown to case file provided). For photo reference of appearance. Forgive Jim Caviezel.


Personality: Curtiss is the quieter type. He refuses to state more than he must or more than he feels comfortable revealing. However, this habit changes when attempting to manipulate others or gain information, creating a chameleon-like persona allowing him to flow easily into conversation, should it be to his purposes. For the most part, he can be described as apathetic or passive, refusing to take sides in the issues of 'super' heroes and villains. This split may be attributed to a plausibly traumatic experience or mental conditioning to an extreme. Appreciates loyalty...but is not driven to show any himself. Psychological evaluation would peg him as closer to being a sociopath than any form of guardian...yet, such reports are at times inaccurate.


Powers: Curtiss' powers are completely unlike the physical attributes common to the pre-purge 'super' heroes. He has an ability to completely empathize and envision the unique perspectives of those around him. It can be described as a mind meld of sorts triggered by at least 1.5 minutes of sustained conversation. Once this limit has been reached, Curtiss has proven to be able to sustain the other person's point-of-view permanently, allowing him to predict their every move, motive, and weakness. Absolute empathy may have no physical culmination of power, but Curtiss has found other ways to utilize it.


Affiliation: Neutral


Skills: Other than his attributed power, Curtiss possesses basic field knowledge common to agents who have been associated with old world agencies like the CIA and KGB. He also has a basic knowledge of technology and its fallbacks alongside unarmed combat expertise, survival training, and an uncanny knowledge for remembering every detail gained from those he comes in contact with. His perfect empathy allows for him to remember basic conversational details. This, alongside a photographic memory, makes him a prime investigator.


History: Curtiss' history is an incomplete file, but what can be garnered from international data collected on his particular name suggests that at one point he lived a fairly average life working as a public servant. Though there are large gaps in this data, it became very clear that he was neither against superheroes nor for them, as he reportedly assisted in the initial Purge which was instigated by the Villain's Coalition several years back. Remaining under the radar, Curtiss performed multiple odd jobs for these Coalitions before settling a contract with The Bureau, a newly formed organization meant for the express purpose of maintaining order on an international scale whilst keeping tabs on possible sightings of supernatural, extra-terrestrial, or superhuman behaviour. After several years of prime investigative work and a total of 56 completed cases to his name, he was promoted multiple times until gaining the office of Executive Officer in The Bureau (he is one of three XOs who hold the secondary office answering directly to the Director of the agency). From here, the case file goes cold as more information will be collected and modified.


Currently, Curtiss, as the 3rd XO of the Bureau, oversees Regions 1-25, a broken affiliation of nations spread from the Northeast Continental United States, Central America, and Northeast Asia (China, Korea, Japan). His influence is far reaching as demonstrated by the envoys he has managed to maintain within the majority of Criminal Coalitions in these areas (including the Sinister Empire). While not friendly with these Coalitions, Curtiss realizes that there is a desperate need for skills that the Agency possesses; these attributes ranging from information brokering to selective 'disappearances.' As such, he has far from failed in doing business with the super-villains-turned-warlords and has made a pretty profit. Contrary to Agency policy, however, he has denied quarterly psychological evaluations and has greatly isolated himself from the other 2 XOs occupying the remaining 75 Regions of Earth. This has strained his relations with the Director and increased business tensions with a multitude of the Villain Coalitions.


Equipment: Garrote and stiletto blade

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Name: Curtis Thane

Hero Name: Mr. Crowley

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall man at 6' 1" and 230 lb. He has sharp cheekbones and a relatively slim face. Ice blue eyes, and short black-brown hair. He wears a shady black fedora-esque hat, black Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses, and an unsettling bone mask. Commonly wears bulletproof combat armor under a dark trenchcoat.

Personality: Enigmatic, cunning, manipulative, perceptive. Cares nothing for morals, only logic.

Powers: He has the ability to telepathically speak to people. As such, he is able to enter people's minds, able to forcefully rip out information, at the cost of severe migraines to the victim. He is also able to subtly persuade weaker-minded people to agree with him. He also has strength and endurance well beyond the average human.

Skills: Other than his neural powers, he is a skilled martial artist - having trained for over 20 years. He has a very unbreakable poker face, and has a 'sixth sense' that warns him when danger is approaching.

History: An enigmatic man, very little is known about him. What is known about him is that he allies with the side he could benefit from. As such, he is known to bounce back and forth between the two factions periodically.

Affiliation: Neutral Evil

Equipment: HUD built into sunglasses, .50 Caliber Desert Eagle, serrated combat knife, various grenades.

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I hope this is not too ambitious. Asia was, to my recollection, ignored in the original Old Man Logan so this should all fit.


Name: Mia Ko


Hero Name: Conduit


Age: 27


Gender: Female


Appearance: Short, black hair. She's of Korean descent, at least on her mother's half, so her facial features would follow. Nothing abnormal. She is in very good shape but is perhaps a little undernourished.


Personality: Mia was raised on the run, and has become what you would expect as a result. She is suspicious of strangers and reluctant to stay in one place. She is slow to trust and will never forgive betrayal. But her trust, once earned, is great. She’s not one to joke.


Powers: Conduit has the power to manipulate and redirect raw energy. She cannot pull power from nowhere. With the current levels she operates at, her power source needs to be densely charged and within reasonable proximity. She could pull the charge from a battery, but couldn’t remove all the heat from a room, at least not fast enough for it to matter. She has very little ability to hold this energy herself, and must discharge it fairly quickly. Once its left her body, she can't really control it.


She was born with her power, and so presumes herself a mutant.


Skills: No formal combat training, but can hold her own in hand-to-hand combat. In general, the skills you’d need to survive on her own, on the run, she has. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary.


History: Conduit’s father was a villain, one of those involved with the purge. Her mother was a rebellious daughter of a Korean general from Busan, who got caught up with the wrong people. She was disgusted by the villain’s actions and gained the opportunity to escape his custody when Mister Sinister staged his coup against Apocalypse. Since then, they have been on the run in the Sinister Empire, which encompasses Korea, North-east China and neighboring areas of Russia. Her mother was concerned more with survival than revolution, but since her death at the hands of a Sinister execution squad Mia has harbored the desire to bring down the dictator and liberate the people imprisoned in his capital, the audaciously-named Sinister Seoul.


Equipment: Basic survival tools, nothing fancy. A basic handgun. An experiment Sinister energy cell - think something a la the Iron Man arc reactor - which nobody can figure out how to use, but she can draw on its energy to fuel her powers.



As I told Q, I was purposely concealing her Father's identity, both because I'm not 100% sure who it is, and because neither is she. I resisted the urge to somehow name her Curtis as well.;) I'm imagining the Sinister Empire in a state of cold war with the neighboring Mandarin Kingdom to the South-east, the Silver Shogunate across the sea in Japan, I could go on.

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*Dramatic entrance!* I'M INTERESTED!!!


Hehehe, yep, I'm back, and I thought this RP was interesting enough to get myself back into the flow of things.


Just gimme awhile to come up with a character, although feel free to start the RP whenever you want, no need to wait for me, I'll catch up, no worries.


OH! And some questions: Are we allowed to play as main superheroes/villains/whatever-they-are(s) from the Marvel-verse that may not be dead? And......I had another question, but I was tired when I typed this up, soooo, I'll ask it when I remember.


Alright, that's all! :whtsmile:

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*Dramatic entrance!* I'M INTERESTED!!!


Hehehe, yep, I'm back, and I thought this RP was interesting enough to get myself back into the flow of things.


Just gimme awhile to come up with a character, although feel free to start the RP whenever you want, no need to wait for me, I'll catch up, no worries.


OH! And some questions: Are we allowed to play as main superheroes/villains/whatever-they-are(s) from the Marvel-verse that may not be dead? And......I had another question, but I was tired when I typed this up, soooo, I'll ask it when I remember.


Alright, that's all! :whtsmile:


We'll wait. :) And I guess you can do that. :) Just be careful with them. I don't want them to overpowered. If you want to make an original character as well your more than welcome to.

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We'll wait. :) And I guess you can do that. :) Just be careful with them. I don't want them to overpowered. If you want to make an original character as well your more than welcome to.


I was thinking either Beta Ray Bill or Deadpool, or both. Neither one is too overpowered, as they can both be killed (despite Deadpool's seeming immortality concerning his ability to survive decapitation/severed limbs and even blasts to the torso). Having Beta Ray Bill would allow me to have a tie-in with Thor, and thus a way to associate with your one character quickly and easily; and playing Deadpool would just be fun!


But that's all up to you.


Edit: And don't worry, I am making an OC too, that's the thing that's actually going to take me a bit and why it'd be okay for you guys to start without me.

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I was thinking either Beta Ray Bill or Deadpool, or both. Neither one is too overpowered, as they can both be killed (despite Deadpool's seeming immortality concerning his ability to survive decapitation/severed limbs and even blasts to the torso). Having Beta Ray Bill would allow me to have a tie-in with Thor, and thus a way to associate with your one character quickly and easily; and playing Deadpool would just be fun!


But that's all up to you.


Beta ray Bill sounds pretty good in my opinion. Deadpool...Hmm...I'll think on that one and let you know.

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Alright, cool, I don't mind if I can't do Deadpool, I just wanted to play a less serious character for a change, and since Spiderman is dead; cant really go that route now can I? lol.


If I can't play Deadpool I'll just have to find another funny-guy is all. :whtsmile:




Quick question: Is this before or after the 'Old Man Logan' story arc?


Name: Bill or "Simon Walters"


Hero Name: Beta Ray Bill


Age: Unspecified


Gender: Male


Appearance: Profile Shot; Action Shot


Personality: Noble and benevolent, kind and humble, merciful and wise, fierce and loyal, Beta Ray Bill is almost the exact embodiment of Thor, what he was, the way he was, and the ideals he held. Beta Ray Bill is only different in that he has suffered different trials and learned different lessons than that of his Asgardian 'Oath Brother', giving him a different aspect on how things are, and the way things work, leaving him with a cooler, less brash head and a somewhat less willing nature to fight simply for the sake of fighting as Thor was known for. This leaves him seeming far more introspective than his Asgardian counterpart.


Powers: All the capabilities and powers of Thor as far as his knowledge lets him go in using said powers. Immense strength and stamina even outside of his 'god-form'; a product of both his species - the Korbinites - and being an advanced cybernetic being created by said species.


Skills: Martial and weapon expertise granted by his time spent in gladiatorial fights before he was given his powers, as well as leadership and teaching skills granted by his many experiences throughout the decades.


Affiliation: Good


History: Nothing can be said that isn't already known about Beta Ray Bill; he's an alien being known as a Korbinite, and cybernetic by their design, as well as one of the few beings in existence capable of wielding Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. Granted his own great and powerful Asgardian weapon/relic "Stormbreaker", Beta Ray Bill is the equal of Thor in many respects. To the unfortunate dismay of Beta Ray Bill, he was not there to aid Thor during the superhero massacre decades ago, as he'd been out in the far reaches of the galaxy alongside The Annihilators, a band of intergalactic heroes devoted to stopping cosmic threats, though only as a "last resort".


In fact, the Korbinite warrior knows little about what has happened on Earth for the last few decades, only that 'Stormbreaker' has sensed something has happened to both Thor and Mjolnir, and his brother-in-arms and fellow Annihilator, Silver Surfer, has disappeared after he returned to Earth years ago. Currently Beta Ray Bill is just on the outer fringes of the Sol system heading towards Earth in his ship, 'Skuttlebutt' finally unable to keep himself from being drawn back by his curiosity and concern, as well as 'Stormbreaker's' feint hints and revelations.


Equipment: 'Stormbreaker'; Asgardian Armor



Alright, got Beta Ray Bill done! Still working on my OC hero, and still waiting on your say-so about whether or not I can play as Deadpool. :whtsmile:

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For the sake of keeping things more along the lines of reasonable (yes, even as Deadpool), I am refraining from giving him his 'Endless Satchel' ability, thus limiting his weapons and ammunition considerably, making him (at the very least - regardless of how hard he is to kill) less of a threat....Somewhat. :D


Name: Wade Wilson


Hero Name: Deadpool - 'The Merc With A Mouth'


Age: Roughly 100


Gender: Male


Appearance: Profile Shot; Action Shot


Personality: Completely Insane!!!


Powers: Highly advanced regenerative abilities, so-much-so as to be able to survive normally fatal wounds.


Skills: A master skilled in martial & weapon arts, the use of explosives and firearms, stealth and espionage, linguistics; 'As well as the finer points of humor and satire!'


Affiliation: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad; Whatever he feels like usually, though in the past before the purge he was making an effort to be a "Good Guy"


History: Shortly before the superhero massacre, Deadpool was approached by the Red Skull himself with an offer to join the villains (a rather hefty sum of money included in said offer) believing the mercenary's loyalty could be bought away from the heroes, yet to everyone's surprise, he declined.


During the purge Deadpool was indecisive in his actions - mostly staying out of the conflicts that arose, only to be attacked by villains sent against him for fear of him joining the heroes and aiding them. The 'Merc With A Mouth' survived his attempted assassination and shortly thereafter disappeared. It was nearly twenty years later until Deadpool resurfaced, only, time hadn't been kind to his already twisted and fragile psyche, the Mercenary-Mutate seemed unstable, even beyond his own natural instability, as if something had driven him so far beyond the edge that nothing could be conjured in the twisted mass that is Deadpool's mind to help anchor his thoughts in any cohesive manner. This surfacing was only brief, Deadpool quickly vanished once more.


It's been forty years, and two very short paragraphs, the mercenary once again has resurfaced, surprisingly, with all his faculties intact (as far as intact goes for Deadpool that is), as if his time going unbeknownst and unseen has helped to recover his former mindset. Yet Deadpool seems intent on some unknown goal, seeking some kind of ulterior revenge against some unknown entity. His first goal: "Turn Traitor!"


Equipment: Two Katanas; Three Pistols - two .38-Special N.O.M.A.D.s, and one Custom 'Warcannon' Mark VII, fires .460 SW Mag. rounds, and uses seldom as to the rarity of it's ammunition; Flashbangs, handgrenades, 'circular saw-blades', 'and bear traps!!!'; combat knife; One Stockless Shotgun; Two Sais; Limited range teleporter


I'll get to his history a little later, and I'm not satisfied with his equipment list, so expect more there too, but as of now, he is finished! :)


Edit: Yay! Done, though I'm not too happy with his history, I'll keep it for now and let it elaborate itself in the RP. Equipment's been slightly modified too, though I still feel he's lacking something....Any suggestions from anyone would be welcome.

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Name: Joachim Peiper


Villain Name: The Red Skull


Age: Unknown


Gender: Superior Male


Appearance: http://x.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/6/60/4e42bb56641d8/background.jpg


Personality: Diabolically malicious, despite his quieter temperament. Unlike previous Red Skulls, Peiper is an ubermensch of relatively little speech. He is severe and without leeway for questioning. It is not uncommon for him to cut off metaphorical 'useless limbs' (usually his subordinates) at will due to inefficiency. The man is cool and calculating and is bent upon the continuation of an Eternal Reich. This determination is evident in his every action.


Powers: Superhuman intelligence, regeneration, and incredible strength and endurance. He is the Superior Man. Additionally, due to advanced study in evolution combined with Nazi wartime science...he is able to manipulate metallic substances at will.


Affiliation: Very evil.


Equipment: Advanced Luger P08 and a shifting arsenal of Nazi weaponry.


History: Peiper, the poster-boy of the Waffen SS served with distinction during the Second World War, gaining infamy not only for his strictly efficient military tactics but also for his absolute disregard for mercy. He was truly without ethics, choosing the objective over any and all other things, including morality. Additionally, he idolized Johann Schmidt (the original Red Skull) to the point where all his writings and observations were directly relayed to Hydra Command...where he was also offered a rare opportunity to join the paramilitary organization. On the grounds that the Third Reich needed true examples of the Overman, Peiper refused, vowing to one day return and learn from the man whose dangerous intellect (who is not, in any fashion, Adolf Hitler) opened the doors to his own personal philosophy of an Eternal Reich free from the Pedantry of lower Humanity..but also free from the ambitions of the so called 'master-race' of Aryan beings who claimed they were the progeny of the Gods. Peiper knew Johann Schmidt's truth.


After committing hundreds of war crimes and slaughtering thousands upon thousands of enemy soldiers during the war, Peiper and his 6th SS were brought to bear by the war's ending (despite attempts to start a guerilla war) and was tried at Nuremberg. Peiper was sentenced to death but was denied the noose (perhaps by someone higher up in power). He lived quietly in France following his release...until the survivors of a small Russian village he had burned to the ground promptly set fire to his household, burning him to death.


It is still largely a mystery as to how he is alive, but many theories point to the influential Doctor Arnhem Zola as a source of revival. It would certainly explain why Peiper is so similar to Schmidt in genetic structure and superhuman capability. Nonetheless, following Schmidt's death at the hands of Logan, Peiper returned from the shadows and assumed direct control of the Eternal Reich, refusing to give into complacency like his predecessor. Immediately, a purge unlike any other had began, echoing Peiper's early days on the Eastern front...back when the current Red Skull was really and truly known for the name "The Torch."

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Name: Unknown

Villain Name: Mysterio

Age: Unknown

Gender: Possibly Male

Appearance: Mysterio wears a green body suit, padded for extra protection. His boots and gloves are a yellow color, with some decal work on the gauntlets. His two most iconic features are the purple cape he wears, which can cover his entire body minus the most important part. Referred to as a "fish bowl" by many a long time ago. The domed visor is no longer a laughing joke.

Personality: The most noticeable feature of Mysterio is the tranquility. Mysterio is a being who can keep composure better than almost every other villain out there. Not even in the face of failure does the masked master lose any sort of cool. This calmness is accompanied with quite a large ego given Mysterio's past. A near godlike complex makes getting under Mysterio's skin a very difficult feat. All are beneath Mysterio with team-ups with other villains being nothing more than a temporary necessity. Despite this new found ego, Mysterio can respect other villains...and even some of these heroes. One of the most interesting things to come from this ego is his lack of vengeance. No need to get back at those who might have mocked Mysterio in the past, or to bask in the news of Spiderman's death. Mysterio has no need for vengeance, as Mysterio is above such petty things.

Powers: Those who heard Mysterio's name in the past look to the parlor tricks and other uses of illusion. Such "magic" is for a mere mortal perhaps, but to this Mysterio? Only true power can be wielded by this Mysterio. Only true power could topple the X-Men themselves. Mysterio's use of magic is something to truly be feared.

Skills: Mysterio possesses a superior intellect and is a tactician in battle.

History: Mysterio is truly one of the most mysterious villains to walk this planet. The arrival of the domed villain came as a shock to almost everyone. Mysterio was sent to deal with Wolverine and the other X-Men. It was most likely a suicide mission, yet what happened on that mission would cause of the most significant victories for villains. Mysterio not only managed to trick Wolverine himself, but have the clawed brute take down the X-Men in the process.


That was the day Mysterio was no longer mocked by fellow villains. There was talk about Mysterio though. Rumors quickly spread that the Mysterio that defeated the X-Men was not the Mysterio who battled Spiderman many times. This Mysterio was met with both praise and fear...both were very much welcomed. This was a long time ago, and many years have passed.


Mysterio is now one of the key figures, standing along side such menacing villains as the Red Skull. Despite the many years, Mysterio doesn't seem to have taken effect to age. This is difficult due to no one seeing what hides behind that costume, but the voice sounds very similar. How is such a feat possible though? Is Mysterio's magic powerful enough to keep the master in peak condition? Is this another version of Mysterio, perhaps a new one? Is this Mysterio even human? The answer to those questions...is a mystery.

Equipment: A god needs no equipment.


Corny ending to the history...but needed. A special note is that Mysterio isn't obviously a god and neither are his abilities. He's powerful but no where close to godly...he just thinks he's that good :p

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Question to all: Does anyone have plans for Silver Samurai and Japan? I seek to introduce Deadpool to the RP, and I was going to do so there, but I don't want to mess with either of those things if somebody already has desires and plans of their own.


If someone does have plans, then I'd like to know about anybody's plans for the midwest and 'Spider-Girl' aka Ashley Parker/Barton (or the "New Kingpin"; she's got all sorts of aliases), as that would be my secondary intro location in case the first is off limits.


Edit: Also, don't worry Chev, I've got my OC in the works, his Character Sheet will be up soon enough.

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