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Heroes: The Fall

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Finish this later.


Name: Baxter Battles; 'Phylogeny'


Hero Name: Locus


Age: 38


Gender: Male


Appearance: Profile Shot


Personality: Docile and meek; Baxter is an unassuming man when it comes to the way he talks and acts, leaving many to believe him to be timid, shy, or even cowardly. Though they would be wrong in all three counts, as his withdrawn nature is due to a fear of himself...Yes, himself (that, and his suit prevents him from speaking properly, or even that loudly). What he is, and how he came to be, even his very own blood makes him extremely volatile in an emotional & mental capacity, and has taken him many years to come to the place he is today.


Powers: The manipulation of particles and energy down to their most core/quantitative forms, and the fundamental forces that govern them. In short: he controls quantum/fundamental physics.


His use and capabilities of said powers vary: Primarily he maintains a distinct usage of his abilities, the most common being the use of all four fundamental interactions to halt and even neutralize high outputs of force and energy and then localize and focus that force & energy into a ball - he often does this with explosions of varying degrees and origins, the size he can condense it down to is dependent on the amount of force and energy that has been condensed. While his use of said forces also allow him to pick up these spheres, oftentimes implementing them like weapons, as just touching one without him neutralizing the high energy properties of the balls could melt (and sometimes blow) one's finger off, let alone any other body part that may touch it. And often if he knows the opponent isn't stupid enough to stand there and let him melt a hole through their torso, then he can hasten the weak force of the abiding particles and thus release the hold on the ball of force & energy (as they maintain their form without his attention or concentration, as the applied mechanics of his manipulation of physics on them is basically permanent until he deems otherwise) causing the spheres to explode as they were intended, and oftentimes with even greater force as they were in a state of being constantly condensed and localized.


His other less known abilities range from using the electromagnetic force to curve objects around him much like a weak shield, and apply gravitational force to solid objects, which can have a degree of minor effects depending on the object, and what Baxter intended.


Many think he's telepathic, as this seems to be the way he communicates more openly with others, due to his lack of an ability to speak well due to his suit; but this is a misconception. He entangles particles within the brain, neurons mostly, so that he may communicate with others in a manner similar to telepathy, though rather than entering the conscience and subconsciousness of another as telepaths often do, his approach is a bit more rudimentary; processes of the mind transferring over, and back much like a highway (acting much the same too, with processes going both ways at the same time), one that can be very overwhelming for anyone not used to him in their head, and even for him should he get overtaxed with the burden of regulating the quantities of processes going to and fro (which allows him to mimic telepathy: so that only the processes that are meant to travel over from him to the other and vice versa do - while the subject of his communication doesn't suddenly have a seizure!). Thus for his safety and the safety of others he only links to one person at a time - fortunately for him he can "release" the entangled particles (though they still remain) so that he doesn't have to constantly manage between all the "bridges" he's made with others. These "bridges" take time to make, and often he has to be in near-constant vicinity to the subject that he wishes to communicate with to build the "bridge", so immediate communication by this means is rare, though he can force it to happen faster, he often chooses not to, as this can cause harm in various ways - should he need to, he can make these bridges between two other people also, though he's only done this once, and not of his own volition. Not being apart of the link makes it very difficult for him to maintain control over the flow of information between the two parties, as well as turning it on and off; needless to say, his one attempt at doing so ended in one person dying of cerebral hemorrhaging, the other left a vegetable.


There is an even darker side to this ability of his, and that is the ability to control another. Though not dissimilar to mind control, the rudimentary form of it makes it far FAR more effective, though the process is almost impossible should he want to do so on someone hostile, as the time and energy that is needed is too much; because it takes far more time to entangle the needed number of particles, and a great deal of effort to funnel his desired processes into the other person while blocking all of theirs from entering his mind, all while preventing them from otherwise dying or damaged in some way from having their neural processes all but overridden within a relatively short span of time. Though the more time he spends around the subject, regardless of the number of particles (though he still needs the larger number still) the quicker and easier it is to control them.


Most have come to fear that his abilities are too much, and often wonder whether he can control more than just force and energy output, whether he can manipulate any form of matter, even organic? The answer, obviously, is yes, though his manipulation of that 'matter' begins and ends at entangling particles (non-organic ones to be honest) in the brain. Many hunt him, or at the very least, distrust him for his seemingly deity-like abilities. But their fears are often misplaced, as, although yes he is very powerful, a fraction of it is withheld by the suit he wears, which inhibits the function of his organs to a degree, the source of his abilities. This fraction is enough to keep him from creating singularities, and otherwise splitting atoms at will - but enough to allow him to manipulate physics within a moderate realm around himself. That, and his own discretion and restraint are what keep him from going that far; as others often don't realize how unstable and even draining his abilities are (though he can maintain more refined control outside his suit - with the trade-off that his abilities are even more debilitating).




Affiliation: Formerly Bad; Currently Good




Equipment: Advanced Containment Suit: though seemingly austere, other than for how it looks, it is actually one of the most advanced pieces of equipment to date, believed to be made from borrowed (or stolen) Kree or Skrull technologies, it is literally impossible to take off without the person who put it on taking it off, including it being someone from outside of whomever may be wearing it. Although many would think that with his powers, Baxter could remove the suit should he wish it, he cannot, or at the very least.....Has not. Though others would deem this overkill for someone of Baxter's abilities, the suit actually isn't advanced in the sense that it helps him, rather, it hampers him, making him less powerful, as well as far easier to control. The only real added benefits it gives him is a surprising degree of durability, capable of stopping high powered rifle rounds (especially the helmet, which is intentionally durable) and taking blows from potentially powerful foes (though that isn't to say damage taken from these sources is entirely negated, as he can end up with broken bones, ruptured organs, and internal bleeding/hemorrhaging - thus why he actively seeks to defend himself, even from these things). As well as the added function of regulating his body in certain ways, including that of even the slightest temperature changes. It can even apply medical aid should he be wounded, though this is VERY limited, only really being able to suture wounds (internally and externally), and apply medication (oftentimes the medicine has to be provided for it to use, and only carries liquid antiseptic and anesthetic agents at any given time for immediate use), while it can stiffen or tighten in areas to realign and brace dislocated and broken bones. It also does well against the elements, is fire retardant, and gives him an extra minute's worth of air when underwater - these are more due to the aesthetics of it being an advanced suit, more than by any means of design; as it would obviously do well in almost any weather condition, as well as be rather "unburnable" due to it's material and what it is, and his helmet naturally retains air, even while underwater or when subjected to a vacuum, though by fluke or oversight, it doesn't store air as one would expect an advanced suit to do, since it's function is as much to keep the wearer alive as it is to contain them and dampen their abilities!

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I have another character I might be playing. Finishing up the (admittedly low-detailed) character sheet.


Name: Kitty Pryde

Hero Name: Shadow

Age: 82 (physically 30)

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/marveldatabase/images/0/05/Katherine_Pryde_%28Earth-TRN212%29_01.jpg

Personality: She is often seen as cold, but in reality she is the same Kitty on the inside. Due to her experiences she has difficulty connection with people.

Powers: Phasing

Skills: Fairly high levels of martial arts

History: Kitty was trapped in a massive bullet due to the Breakworlders, keeping it phased so that it would destroy no planets. When she was phased, she did not age physically.


Now she has been returned to Earth (you'll see how), and is none too happy with what she has found.


Equipment: Nothing so far.

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Evening gents, room for one more?


Name: Liu Tao

Hero Name: Shinobi

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: With the symbiote costume and without.


Personality: Calm and collected, Liu has become used to keeping quiet and unnoticed so he can blend in to any crowd. Out of costume he is very slow to trust or speak to anyone unless the situation absolutely calls for it, rather keeping to himself and meditating, honing his skills or resting.

In costume he takes on a more brash and direct personality, speaking in a slightly more gravely voice and making himself out to be an avenging angel as soon as **** hits the fan. Usually that side of his personality is not necessary to be shown to many people unless he wants to send a message; his actions speak more than his mouth ever can and there's no better way to scare the hell out of villains than have their heavily guarded facility blown up without anyone seeing even the slightest hint of who did it.


Powers: Increased strength, agility, speed and healing factor, all thanks to his symbiote.

Skills: Expert martial artist both in ninjutsu and wushu, trained in marksmanship although rarely uses guns. Expert infiltrator and guerrilla thanks to ninjutsu training.


History: Born in Hong Kong, Liu Tao grew up in a local wushu school that his father ran until his demise at the hands of a supervillain's minions come to shake down the place. Orphaned before his teenage years he resorted to the path that eventually led him to be a young street punk with many run-ins with the "law" or rather with the minions of whichever villain was periodically taking control of the city. He eventually drew interest from the assassin organization known as The Hand who finalized his training with their own flavour of ninjutsu and opened his eyes to the bigger picture in the world, teaching him languages and social skills so he could blend in wherever in the world and prepare him to work for the supervillains that might need his services under The Hand. He was not the best in his generation of Hand assassins, but he made due and often resorted to his previous wushu and streetfighting experience to gain an upper hand in sparring matches to stay afloat. During his time with the Hand, he found himself drawn more and more to the history of the organization while it was for a brief time under command by the American superhero known as Daredevil, finding the demon-worshipping evil ways of the Hand before and after Daredevil as something he was not comfortable with. Without revealing these inner thoughts to anyone around him, he sought for a way out and kept his head down while doing so.


A few years after his training was finished, at the age of 26, he was on a mission for the Mandarin in Kingpin's territory in America when during some simple scouting he found himself in an old abandoned warehouse. While moving through it to get to his destination, he stumbled on a crate, knocking it over a revealing inside a small pod that opened after hitting the concrete floor. From inside the pod, a dark ooze spilled all over the floor and touched Liu causing the ooze to wake up from whatever coma it had been in and envelop the frightened man. The symbiote linked minds with Liu, drawing on his memories and experiences formed a new outfit over the man before Liu fell unconscious over the sheer shock of what just happened.

The symbiote reached out to Liu in his sleep, conversing with him throughout an hour while the asian man was passed out on the floor of the warehouse. The symbiote, whether a continuation of a line of symbiotes that had been on earth for decades or a new arrival from off planet, was still juvenile and the first contact with a clear mind such as Liu's had shaped much of how the symbiote's personality grew from thereon out. After waking up Liu knew he had finally found his way out and the means to keep himself alive while running from the Hand. He had a responsibility now as well to guide the symbiote's growth in a path where it would not become chaotic like Venom and Carnage some half a century ago.


Liu immediately went off the radar, spending a few months conversing with the symbiote and testing the limits of his new enhanced strength, speed and agility. A year in he found himself in China where he eventually ended up re-inventing himself in a Shaolin Monastery while learning how to control the growing urges of his symbiote.

At the age of 31 he reappeared again, this time in the Silver Shogunate. During the course of a year he was seen across the island group of Japan, shutting down Hand outposts first and then causing general mischief against the Silver Samurai. However, as the Silver Shogunate was in a state of cold war with Sinister's empire on the mainland of China and Korea, the man and his symbiote decided it was best to cause some harm on that side as well to even things out. In any case it's easier to start with the two-bit villains like Silver Samurai before going to the favourite playground of heroes and villains alike; America.


Equipment: Although not really needing any of the equipment due to the symbiote being able to shapeshift into blades and such at least for a short period at a time, Liu prefers to carry around a katana as well as a total of ten kunai, of which two are always connected to a long chain to act as a long-range weapon without being thrown.

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hmm..luch took longer >.>

I hope I can take this one (the skills are extravagant)

And if I may, I try to make him a bit darker and evil without beeing evil.


Name: Alystaire Black (unknown)


Hero Name: Loki (the "real" one. not the Thor-movie guy. He is the norse fire-god and trickster)




Gender: Male


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


Personality: He is quite cocky. He knows it. He knows he has a strong power, and isnt afraid to use it to reach his goals. He isnt the guy who backs down easily.


Powers: Hypnosis.

Alystaire is able to create alternate realyties in the head of someone. There he can nearly do everything with the victim. Driving it insane, inflict damage or even kill. The victim doesnt notice, that he is cought, because the world he sees, wont change...well it is only imagionation. The more people affected by his hypnosis, the "world" will be more like a painting, so it is easyer to see through. Alystaire can affect up to 6 people at once, but is hard for him to maintain the illusion. If the oponent has a strong mind and will, he will see through the illusion earlier. BUT to see through the doesnt mean, it will collapse. To escape it, he needs to find the Trickster and "kill" him.


Alystaire CANT be fooled by mind tricks and illusions. Try to enter his mind, and you will se a wicked world, where you will lose your sanity


Arcane fire magic:


It is a very very and a lot of verys more old magic. Alystaire learned it by chance opening a cursed book. The book burned the images and powers in his mind. Inclusing knowlege of an ancient language. If he werent a illusionist, he would have been killed by the book. With this powers he can sumon all kinds of flames. blue, red or black flames. Each flame burns with another temperature. Blue ones are like ice, red like normal fire and black flames are hotter than the core of the sun and very difficult to douse. The only disadvantage of this skill is, that is needs time. The longer the spell, -wich NEEDS to be spoken, the more powerfull the magic will be.


Skills: Speed and (illusion)Skill. So he isnt the strongest nor the weakes guy arround


History: Imagine: Left is right, above is underneath. North is south. You think you got me, but suddenly i am standing behind you, with a knife in your back. But wait. The knife is gone, and i am standing in front of you with a crossbow. What is reality, what is fake? Fear is striking your heart but you cant run away....

Born in a small rural town Alystaire was fast known as a weird guy. Unable to control his powers, strange things occured arround him. People where confused, where walking the wrong way, and losing valuable objects, just to turn normal when he was gone. So he was avoided by all of the poeple. But still he managed to survive. At the age of 12 a mysterious man appeared in the village. The man found him fast. Somehow the man wasnt affected by his powers. So Alystaire was revealed to be a magician. A magician with a very powerful an unique ability. So Alystaire went with the man, who learned him to fight with magic and with "normal" weapons. Years passed by, and Alystaires name was forgotten fast. He was known as Loki the trickster. A dangerous and weird man, who took an assignement here and there, to get enough money to survive. But before reaching the peak of his powers, his mentor passed away, so Alystaire traveled the lands, searching for wisdom, power and mabye up to you, friendship.

A last thing...the book did a bit of damage...you will see what it did if you enter his mind.




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done =)

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HED, what kind of a plan do you have for the Sinister Empire? Since I'm putting my character into that mix, I don't want to spoil your plans there. Also if there's a place in your plans for my character, do share. I have no idea how he would eventually meet the resistance fighters but for the mean time he'll be running some interference against Sinister in Seoul.

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For all the players in the Sinister Empire region, I think we should do a time skip event that would have a few of you meeting up with each other. If the need arises, I can create a character that can bring us all together. I think that would be the best way to get things moving again if everyone is still in.

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Sorry, I've just been a bit busy with life (School mostly) to post regularly.


Time skips are, well, normally not my kind of thing. Especially with where things are right now, I feel like the Haeju situation would have to be brought to a proper conclusion before a time skip would work in the narrative. I don't want the rebellion against Sinister to move too quickly.


I've got another post outline, and hopefully I'll be able to write it later today.

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Excuse my period of absence. I've been pouring my writing efforts into a project over at the Choice of Games forums as well as now being involved with the LFN revamp. Those two along with my internet instability lately are all draining time I can dedicate. I will do my utmost to get a post outline made so I can continue on this RP.

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