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BCC: KOTOR III: Reckoning


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(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know my roleplaying has been annoyingly sporadic, but I'm in a Star Wars mood all over again! I'm also back for good, so rest assured that I'll keep this up to the best of my ability if any of you are interested in it.)


From the Darth Traya entry on Wookieepedia:


"The Sith manuscripts that Kreia used the Force to read through intimated that the truths of the cosmos were not intended for the sane. Kreia believed that the manuscripts' authors were pureblooded descendants of the ancient Sith species.


The Sith sorcerers claimed that they had privileged insight into secret realities, arguing that even though the contradictory and aimless nature of existence appeared obvious to all intelligent beings, awareness of the Force exposed this obvious "fact" as a lie, further stating that the Force betrayed Force-sensitives, making them live in a compromised, chaotic universe—to live the lie."




A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Twenty-five years after MEETRA SURIK defeated DARTH TRAYA upon the Sith world of Malachor V, the Jedi Order is slowly being rebuilt. On Dantooine, new Padawans and Knights are being trained in order to defend and protect the galaxy.


One of these, an apprentice of the Miraluka VISAS MARR, discovers a mysterious artifact hidden among ruins long left untouched. Through the Force, she unwittingly discovers what DARTH TRAYA had long ago - manuscripts of the ancient and pure-blooded Sith. As the Padawan studies, she uncovers several dark truths, none more ominous than this one:


The True Sith, once lords of the galaxy, are returning to call it to account.


NAME: Statira Venn


GENDER: Female

AFFILIATION: Jedi Padawan/Sentinel

MASTER: Visas Marr, former apprentice of Darth Nihilus

WEAPON: A single yellow-bladed lightsaber befitting her Sentinel status

APPEARANCE: As the female Exile with the ponytail, except without it


BACKSTORY: A simple farmer's daughter who was found to be sensitive to the Force at birth, the Jedi took her into their rebuilt Enclave and trained her in the ways of their Order. Unlike Revan, "the heart of the Force" - or the Exile, "a wound in the Force", Statira's greatest talent is as "a revealer of the Force." Through her apprenticeship under Visas Marr, a Miraluka, Statira has developed a remarkable capacity to sense the Force's will and ways.


Whereas her Master can see via the living energy that surrounds and sustains life, Statira's heart and emotions are attuned to its volition. For some reason, it has drawn her to some ruins on Dantooine that were better off left abandoned...




1. Please DON'T all be human.

2. Please DON'T all be Jedi.

3. Please DO think about being a member of the True Sith.

4. Please DO consider RP'ing a droid as an extra (or your main) character.

5. Please DO have fun! ;)

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((Looks extremely interesting. Count me in! :)))


NAME: Dalren Xellros

SPECIES: Togruta


AFFILIATION: Jedi Padawan/Guardian

MASTER: Brianna The Handmaiden

WEAPON: Twin Blue Lightsabers

APPEARANCE: Dalren is around 6'1 and wears the robes of a Jedi except that his are a darker brown than the standard robe. He looks quite a bit like the average Togruta except his eyes are a dark blue color and he has a small scar going down the right side of his face.



BACKSTORY: No one really knows much about the circumstances of how Dalren arrived at the Jedi Temple. One morning a small group of Padawans found the unconscious Togruta near the Temple and brought him back to to receive medical care. It was after he was found to be force sensitive that the offer to train as a jedi was offered to him.


Dalren accepted and Master Brianna offered to train him both in the ways of the Jedi and the Echani combat style.


After beginning his training, he found that his greatest strength was the short amount of time it took him to pick up on combat techniques. All he really had to do was observe the fighting style and he seemed to pick it up in an impossibly short amount of time. He also discovered that he seemed to have a natural talent with vibroswords. When he constructed his first lightsaber, it took him a short time to become quite proficient with it. As of now, he is currently training to learn to use duel lightsabers in combat to better aid the order should combat be necessary.


((I was thinking of adding some sort of droid as a second character. Please let me know if thats acceptable or not.))


Designation: T9-05


Gender Personality: Female

AFFILIATION: Jedi Order/Republic

MASTER: Unknown. Refuses to identify Master

WEAPON: Concealed wrist blaster, Czerka Arms High-powered sniper/Blaster rifle.

APPEARANCE: If it weren't for the fact that the eyes are a dark emerald green and the light droid armor covering her original frame, T9-05 would look like a standard protocol droid apart from the fact she has had more than a few modifications to increase reaction time.


BACKSTORY: Not much is known about T9-05 other than she arrived at the Jedi Temple in a shipping container along with a Czerka arms High-powered rifle. When the droid was activated, she was questioned as to who her master was but all attempts to try and figure out who her master was failed. As such, the Jedi decided that as long as she didn't pose a threat to anyone she could be allowed to serve as a protocol droid. The Jedi attempted to reprogram her but that apparently failed as she continued going about her duties even after being reprogrammed for different duties. As of now, she is currently serving as a protocol droid that assists new arrivals in finding out where the dormitories and other important locations are.

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Gonna reuse an old character from previous RP's, mostly because I'm starting to find that continuously creating new characters is a waste of creative effort when they're usually cast aside so quickly (very sad in my book), that, and he's one of my favorites :whtsmile: ! (That, and I'm lazy!)


Name: Slate Q'nal

Eyes...Er, Eye: Grey

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Arkanian Offshoot [ubese-Arkanian]

Personality: Tactful; Cold, Calculating and Manipulative; Condescending and Patronizing; Blunt and Brutal; Vengeful and Antithetic; Belied entirely by his Apathetic and Lackadaisical way of speaking in his deep solid voice.

Characteristics: Stealthy; Manipulation and coercion; Literal genius; Extensive genetic engineering

Weapon(s): 'Caster' Pistol; Lightsaber [Red]

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter 'Triad'; Former Mandalorian; Many Others

Master(s): Many - most notable: Mandalore [Canderous Ordo]

Appearance: In Armor - Is missing an eye under the helmet, not that anyone can tell.

Backstory: Like some Arkanian Offshoots, Slate was 'born'; though made would be more appropriate, as it involved a lengthier process of artificially inseminating genetically altered material into a host - whether they be willing or not.


Much knowledge of Slate's host 'Mother' is unknown, including whether she was Ubese or Arkanian. This is not to say that Slate doesn't know, to the contrary, he had her in his life at least up until the age of five, and beyond that he's done extensive exploration into his own 'creation'; including all materials used, where or even who they came from, and a strong study of his 'Mother' and her history. But much of this knowledge is his and his alone, thus it can leave most to only assume. All that is known, is that he was 'birthed' and lived on the Ubese homeworld at the time.


Past the age of five, and well up until he was twelve, the Arkanians did extensive experimentation and alteration to his physiology, primarily in the form of genetic tampering.


This started in regards to several factors: his chosen background species when being made as an Offshoot; his astounding intelligence even at such a young and rudimentary age, an outcome and result not intended or made into him; and an amazing resilience to genetic alterations, assumed to be a result of the careful material selection process by which he was made.


In the end even the great Arkanians could only speculate and theorize on Slate's profound nature, all while having a heyday in the playground of his genetic material. Though, eventually the young, but highly intelligent Offshoot would grow tired of the constant fluctuations to his constitution from the never-ending poking and prodding of his Arkanian masters, and he would render an escape from his birthplace and home of twelve years.


Time would see him come to the Mandalorians, who would raise him from his youth into adulthood, where he would learn their language, customs, combat styles: their very lifestyle. And though he belonged to no clan in particular, he would come to be mentored by the Mandalore himself, former mercenary, and companion of Revan, Canderous Ordo. Slate would learn many of his most valuable lessons from the old warrior, one in particular: That he could learn all he could about the Madalorians - be the epitome of combat, the most fluent and silver-tongued of speakers, and the most beguiling, cunning, and stealthy of hunters - but it meant nothing, he was nothing, if he did not make it into a life. He carried this on with him to many of his later experiences.


Eventually he would leave the Mandalorians, and venture to the stars, where he would seek to make the knowledge of the most gifted peoples and organizations of the galaxy his, so that he may forge his own lifestyle, his own, 'self'. He would start with his most valuable tool and skill, his cunning, his guile, his silver tongue! He would seek out the Jal Shey first, a people he knew would be hard to convince, but less inclined to kill him should he fail to persuade them. He would eventually succeed in convincing them to teach him their ways of persuasion, diplomacy, and the general art of speechcraft itself through a rather devious means - convincing them he was Force sensitive.


He would learn what they had to offer, their knowledge, quickly; his still fresh young, genius mind sending him through their courses and lessons, teachings and mantras at an astounding rate, and it wasn't long before he was known for having an ability to manipulate and coerce others that only those with the Force itself could match, and even then, just-so. This would and has remained one of his strongest traits, and would aid him endlessly in his continuing quest for knowledge and the building of his own, 'Life'.


He would proceed to learn K'thri from some of it's greatest practitioners as he would join an intergalactic combat arena as a 'Towel Boy', using his silver tongue and lowly position to come across as nonthreatening, a backroom fan, a young man with "Stars in his Eyes!" He would later take out the flashy, crowd-pleasing movements and techniques in the style, refining it to a more practical form of combat, with quick, precise moves, and footwork and balance that would allow him to counter more brutal and forceful styles, such as Echani; one he would master later in life, finding it a surprisingly simplistic combat art, though one he still did not underestimate for it's effect, as well as respected for it's results.


He would then go to the Matukai, where he would coerce his way in the same way he had with the Jal Shey, convincing them he was Force sensitive, though this time, it was less of a blind acceptance, and more of a deliberated study that has worried Slate to this day, as the Matukai seemed far more shrewd than the Jal Shey had in determining the truth of his words, a surprise considering their focuses were so completely different. Here Slate would learn not just another form of combat, but the study and focus of the body, the application of combat through one's dedication to the purity and strength of their body. Though he would never admit it, Slate had enjoyed being with the Matukai, and had spent quite an extensive time amongst them, and learning what they had to teach at a rate much slower than what many had been previously accustomed to.


He would reluctantly leave to go learn from the famed Noghri assassins, and learn their art of combat known as Stava, where he would refine his incapacitation, as well as outright killing techniques, many involving only hand-to-hand.


The last important note out of countless many others was that of the Zeison Sha, the hardest nut for him to crack amongst all that he had learned from. They being an independent, isolationist group, rarely, if ever, accepting outsiders to be taught anything of theirs. Although their order taught to help those in need, they were very, VERY wary of Slate, and it literally took him years to convince them, where as before, at the longest, it had taken him a few months. But from them he learned what he would need most, if not for a practical reason if anything else, was that of survival, resourcefulness, a wider scope and deeper understanding of willpower and resilience, but most important of all, independence. As up to this point Slate had been trying to build up to the thing he wanted and was always seeking something or someone out, rather than learning things for himself; he was not doing what he had long been intending to do. So after he had learned all he could from the Zeison Sha, he went out on his own, and not since has he been mentored by another, though that is not to say he has not stopped learning nor being taught.


After this he became a very skilled assassin, and was quite famous for hunting and killing Sith & Jedi (which would explain to many why he wields a lightsaber of his very own). While taking a contract on the Outer Rim, he came into contact with a unique individual, Cylax Noxus. Heavily armed and armored, Cylax proved to interest Slate, though whether Slate felt he was a match for himself, at the time, was an entirely different factor. Little is known in the way of their first encounter, only that it did start with some mild violence and ended in a stalemate and standstill that neither could escape from, so instead they both gave in to their better halves and agreed to walk away and leave their unresolved conflict for another time. They would eventually come into contact again....And again, and again, and again, until it almost became obligatory, if not habitual to expect one to come across the other during endeavors on the Outer Rim worlds. Slate grew something rare towards a 'common' individual, a healthy helping of respect, if only a little. In time Slate would come to seek Cylax out for a proposition; using both persuasion and threats (he had succeeded in tracking Cylax down rather easily, something he knew the cyborg would not take into account lightly) to render the other man's aid. By this point Slate had dropped off the map as an assassin and was seeking a new line of work; even though the start of their partnership was tenuous at best, not since Slate's first contact with Cylax have they been apart (that's not to say they won't take separate jobs for varying reasons). At first they were known as the Bounty Hunter Brothers, as they worked so well together, and from what others could tell from how well they got on together, they were no different than brothers, but when Cylax introduced Kal Jordo to the mix they were forever changed and known as the Bounty Hunter 'Triad'; the most formidable Bounty Hunters in the galaxy, feared even by Jedi...And Sith.

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Name: Cylax Noxus

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Cyborg

Personality: One of the most ruthless individuals to exist to date, Cylax makes the word brutal look tame. Cunning and incredibly sadistic, Cylax enjoys fighting his targets almost as much as the fear he can inflict. He's a technical genius, often making changes to his armor as well as repairing any damages he or his comrades might get. There are still traces of the man Cylax once was, but only his comrades get to see those features.

Characteristics: Ruthless, Determined, Stubborn,Smart

Weapon(s): The most infamous part of Cylax is his left arm. Rather than building a completely new cybernetic arm, Cylax chose to make it a weapon. His favorite feature is the Disruptor Rifle. He can fire it a somewhat short shots or charge it for a much deadlier shot. It houses a few missiles, remote mines, and twin blaster rifles. His right arm is equipped with a heavy grappling line.

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter 'Triad'

Appearance: Without Helmet

In Armor - Armor

Backstory: Cylax did not become one of the most ruthless individuals over night. His crippling encounter did not justify the actions he took.. Cylax had always been a privileged individual, even from early childhood. His humble beginnings began as the son of a wealthy family. With his parents being hard workers, Cylax was often left alone. He often got what he wanted as a result of his parents working, and this certainly helped shape Cylax's selfish ways.


All was not a complete loss for Cylax at this early age. Despite that he could come off as spoiled, he showed impressive intelligence for his age. His skills with technology were just as impressive as well. He did well in the private schools he went to, and despite his bests efforts his parents were rarely around for his accomplishments. This unfortunate negligence gave Cylax his second sour trait...The need for more. Seeing that he could never impress his parents with one feat, he would try to out do himself with another. This carried over into his studies, future relationships, and way of life.


During his teen years Cylax would develop his knack for technology further. He was a borderline genius and skillful inventor. His work helped fill the gap that was left by family issues. He got so skilled with his craft that he was able to quickly get a job. Unfortunately it was for a weapons manufacturing group, but at the time a job was a job to him.


He helped develop several weapons over the years, including a modified disruptor rifle. He found away to give the weapon a dual firing system. This gave him his first promotion, and last promotion as a civilian. He was working on a new type of ion canon to implement into starships when a thief snuck into his home to take the schematics. His father was wounded during a scuffle between Cylax and the thief and later died of injuries. The thief managed to escape and Cylax was left to mourn with his mother.


Rather than wait for justice to find the thief, he chose to do so himself. Armed with his modified disruptor rifle, Cylax managed to track the thief down to an abandoned factory. Cylax executed the thief without any sort of mercy, and almost got away had he not been stopped by a jedi. Despite claming to act in avenging his father the jedi wanted to bring Cylax in. Outraged by being labled as bad as the thief, Cylax refused. The clash that followed was brief...but changed everything about Cylax.


Cylax lost his left arm, and fell down a significant drop. He was presumed dead by the rookie jedi and left there. Cylax awoke from a near death like state, and was greeted with incredible pain. He fought through the pain with every ounce of anger he could contain. He fled the scene and rather than get medical attention took matter into his own hands. He created a cybernetic arm for himself and this would begin his reign as one of the most ruthless killers out there.


The jedi that did this to him was his new target of revenge. He knew what kind of man he was up against, so he needed to prepare. He crafted a guantlet for his right arm, and equipped it with a special electric coil. He sought the jedi out and battled him once more. When it seemed the jedi would win, Cylax activated the gadget on his right arm. With a final blaster shot, the jedi was no more. The thrill of the second kill was all too much fun for the soon to be hunter. He started taking various jobs, each one more dangerous than the next. He continued to modify himself until he was essentially a walking suit of armor.

(More to come later, sleep now)

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NAME: Skor'rask Kaldarum



SPECIES: Kaleesh

APPEARANCE: Skor'rask is a little over 7 ft. His skin is a dark orange and his eyes are yellow. His right arm is replaced with a much larger modified cybernetic mech arm from the shoulder down.

WEAPONS: Heavy Mandalorian Battle Rifle. One Shot Rocket Pistol. His cybernetic arm has retractable twin vibro blades that are parallel to each other.

EQUIPMENT: A bone plate war mask covers most of his face, leaving his eyes and mouth visible. He wears black mandalorian battle armor coated with the same type of bones that his mask is made off.

OCCUPATION: Mandalorian Clan Lord

CLAN: Kaldarum

HISTORY: Skor‘ask fought in the Mandalorian Wars as a soldier and was there when Revan defeated Mandalore. Skor’rask despised what the mandalorians became after the war ended and he despised the Jedi even more for making them what they were. After the war Skor’rask went into hiding with the rest of his clan. Skor’rask quickly got fed up with the Clan Lord’s cowardice and challenged him. Skor’rask ended up tearing his head off in one on one combat. Skor’rask as the new Clan Lord took his clan and flew deep into the outer rim and managed to land on a very hazardous world that would be considered a death trap. Ever since Skor’rask slowly gathered more forces and trained them to be Jedi killers. He planned to build a new mandalorian empire and as soon as his army was ready his first target would be to destroy the Jedi order.



(I may make a second character.)

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NAME: Icarus Thaesar

SPECIES: Twi'lek


AFFILIATION: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic

MASTER: None; Independent


WEAPON: Double-bladed blue lightsaber



BACKSTORY: A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, Icarus was one of the many Jedi that followed Revan into war, and subsequently, fell to the dark side. He became a Jedi-hunter, and was infamous for his rather long list of Jedi slaughtered. Near the close of the Jedi Civil War, he was shown the error of his ways and has since then aided in rebuilding the Jedi Order. To this day he still wears the robes he wore into battle with Revan on that fateful day, as a permanent reminder of his past.

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NAME: Draco Spacespeaker

AFFILIATION: Dark Side, doesn't care about which group others belong to


SPECIES: Twi'lek

APPEARANCE: Smooth blood red skin. Both of his head tails have been severed, near where they separate from the head.

WEAPONS: A dual bladed lightsaber, the Force.

EQUIPMENT: A black robe, with many symbols for dark power. While the edges have begun to fray, the main parts of the robe seem largely untouched by the wear of time.

OCCUPATION: The Waiting One.

HISTORY: Long ago, an old woman who absolutely radiated Dark Side had approached him. After making an ally of him, by giving him a robe of incredible power, she later returned to acquire his help. She took him to the ruins of the Jedi Temple in an underground room, which she had placed many symbols on and made many sacrifices which made the room grant members of the dark side incredible power. She told him to soak in the energy of the room, and wait for the one who might open it. This is when he became The Waiting One. She locked the room behind her, and left Draco there, deep in trance. He has been sustained by the energies of the Dark Side, and has become even more powerful from his saturation within it.


:) Hope that's okay. I noticed the direction of the story, and it seemed like a fun role to play. Might even try to tempt some to the dark side. ;)

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(Since Cylax's character sheet is going to take up so much room, I'll repost the second character here)


NAME: Kal Jordo

SPECIES: Mandalorian


AFFILIATION: Bounty Hunter Triad

MASTER: While he has no masters, he does look to Slate and Cylax as guides

WEAPON: A vibrosword, and twin blaster pistols. He loves to face his enemies at pure close range, complimenting his other two comrades nicely.

APPEARANCE: Short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a very well fit body.


Mini Bio Until I am less Lazy: Kal is in perfect shape for a mandalorian warrior...well former warrior. He lost his father and sought to avenge him, forgetting his honorable ways as he let anger take over. Rather than be killed due to his father's status as well as his own, he simply was exiled. He then took to bounty hunting to make a living, but he's still adjusting to his old warrior ways.

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