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Miles Sound Tools - gone forever?


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I seem to be having trouble using Miles on my Windows 7. I get an error message when attempting to open it.




I can get this either just trying to play a sound file. I can also get it when try decompress one.


2. Decompression: However, sometimes I don't get that error message. I'll get a request for a codec.


Might anyone have any suggestions?




No codec for a WAV file? Come on Miles. . . what do I need to make you work?

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OK, an update.


I've previously been trying to use the Win64 version of this but there's another folder that has what I'm guessing is the 32 bit version.


BTW, the Win64 version doesn't have a compatibility mode but the other version does. I still have to do the "change the extension bit" to get it to work but it works.


Is there work around for the codec issue so I skip the extension nonsense? Please reply if anyone does know it.


Thanks for your assistance, Dark Ansem.


By the way, here's the link that I used for a download of Miles Sound Tools.

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Anyone could give me a hint as to where i could find a 64 version of Miles tools ? my old XP comp is dead and now i'm like an idiot with no way to tinker and extract my sound files...


I still have the TSL soundtrack, but I wanted to use some of the other soundfiles and now I feel a little screwed tbh...


Or if you know of any way to decompress the files without Miles, i'll take it in a heartbeat.


Happy new year btw :)


EDIT: appologies, I thought you both gave the same link but the second one worked fine. I'll try extracting my files the old fashioned way, thanks a lot for the link

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