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Having just moved into a new place, I have a large spot open that a landscape/panorama/mural type image would work nicely in, and I've started brainstorming ideas on what could be placed there. I already have a few framed adventure game posters (thanks to the hard work of Laserschwert) and was hoping to add a center piece along these lines. One cool idea that came up when I was talking with a friend was to make an image that somehow involved 10 or more old school adventure game characters. While it isn't that hard to find reference art for 10 or more adventure game characters, it was harder to imagine a context (place, mostly) that they could all be present in at once.


That's when I remembered this image:




High Resolution here


Original Art Inspiration Here


So, I thought, how hard could it be to make a similar image, but with Lucas Arts adventure game characters? (Answer... hard! But doable!)


Which just leaves a couple questions to consider before I commit the time. First of all... Which 12 characters should be used!? And which character gets to be Jesus!?


So, before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm starting out by soliciting some advise from the community. Which characters should be in it? Who plays the most pivotal roles (IE, Jesus, Judas, Mary). I think as a pop culture piece it would be pretty cool.


Any other ideas on the exact location for the table would be welcome too, or even a cool new context for them entirely. Also advice on foreseeable problems would appreciated well.

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