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Renegades of Joker Squadron (republic), The Bergeren Colony server

Darth Avlectus

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I was recruited to this guild last weekend and it seems lively and active. One guy willing to help on a mission was a trooper healer, and had a pure DPS with him...I did some "tanking" for a small mission here and there. He's a pretty damn good healer. I know consular shadows are frail for most tanking until later levels but I at least give it a try here and there and we haven't been too badly off. I got to meet a whole bunch of people.


I'm free on weekends usually towards evenings.


My character for anyone who doesn't already know:

Name: Samanthus

Class: Jedi Consular>Shadow

Role: DPS tank (can't really "main" tank but if I get another DPS tank to share with I notice I'm just fine on harder missions cuz we're both aggro-ing and getting healed)

Current level: 27 (honestly leveling a lot faster than I had anticipated considering I don't play everyday)

Crew Skills: Artifice, Archaeology, Slicing.


So if you want to trade things or need some crystals crafted, I'm up for it. In fact everyone in this guild is up for it.


I'm still fairly freelance and will run with lower level toons, or help newbies or anyone in need of FlashPoint assistance.


Since LF is primarily "officially" on the Harbinger server, I guess that would make me a lone LF member on Bergeren Colony. Lurkers and members alike, if you're on this server and interested in joining the guild, PM me or find me in the game. Let me know and I'll accommodate you.

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