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Astrotoy7 Has Passed Away

Jae Onasi

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I just found out today that Astrotoy7 passed away on October 27th. From what I understand, the death was very quick and unexpected, though he may have had a longstanding illness that contributed.


Hasan Nayazi was only 37 years old.


I know he could be controversial here. Sometimes, he inspired me. Sometimes, he drove me nuts with snarky comments. Sometimes, I wanted to reach out and hug him for his encouragement and support during some of the very hard parts of life I've went through, particularly back in 2010.


He loved gaming and was passionate about computers. When Vista came out, he figured out the fix to get KOTOR to work with the updated OS (or regressed, depending on your point of view). He also was a part of the original group that set up the folding@home for Team LFN that helps link computers to contribute spare down time computer power to research.


His latest passion was studying and writing about Renaissance art and Raphael in particular.


As I understand through twitter feeds, the funeral will be held in Melbourne, Australia, but I don't know any other details at this time. My sympathies and heart go out to his family.


Rest in peace, Hasan. I will miss you.

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Astrotoy7 was probably the first person I became friends with on this forum, 9 years ago, due to his often intrusive style of banter. He was a man you could hold a conversation with about just about anything, and conversations I had with him as an kid were inspiring. I think ever since, whenever I've been told how good I am at conversing, I still think bank on that one conversation when I was a kid talking to Astro.


I understand he came across as a dick to a lot of people here, which largely baffled me, but then again, I'd never been on the opposite side of a debate with him. It almost seems conflicting for me, considering whenever I talked to him, he seemed to know so much about things I would not have expected. I don't know if he rubbed people the wrong way here, but he was always cordial, even welcoming towards me. Conversing with him was as informative as it was fun.


He also gave me some of the best, most frank advice whenever I asked him, advice that I did not act on, and feel sorry for now, considering I cannot contact him again. I still have an unreplied email in my archives, from when I last contacted him regarding Euripides' plays.


When he started his blog, I wished him luck and inwardly wondered how long it will last. Right. His blog ended up... popular, to say the least. A mere search of his name on Google can reveal how passionate his following was. I also did not know he personally founded and wove with his own hands, the Open Raphael Project.


As Popehat here notes, he died at the same age as his idol, Raphael.





However, he never did send me a key to the treasure chest full of Swedish nymphomaniacs as he had promised.


Considering how much he loved the depiction of Italy in Assassin's Creed 2, I know what he would have liked to hear is,


Requiescat in pace.

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He was... two-faced.


In private, he was pleasent, in public he was extremely hostile toward me. I have no idea why and I never had anything against him or thought he was a bad guy until I got fed up with his attitude toward me and constant harrassment.


Maybe someone here can tell me why, because I never understood it and I tried to get along with the guy until I ultimately gave up.

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@Lynk: those musings could have been kept, quietly, inside your head. Despite this being the internet and all, a little respect is warranted since this thread is not about you. Many aren't >.>


Astro got me into folding, which in turn got me involved in this community. For better or worse, I still lurk and linger, and hope to bring something of value with me when I return more visibly.


Thank you Astrotoy7 for your time and kindness to me almost 7 years ago, lost in this big place after being a demigod in my little TSLRP pool.


Hasan, rest in peace.

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@ Qui-Gon Glenn: I apologise for nothing I said in my previous post considering the bullying I and some others went through.


I regret whatever came between Astro and myself. I just don't know what it was that started it siince we did start off on good terms but left on bad ones.


There are plenty of people who say he's a great guy... I just wish I had met THAT astro that others speak of instead of the one I seemed to have encountered.



EDIT: Also, just in case... that's all I wanted to say, you don't need to counter argue this post and drag it on. I just wanted to say what I felt I had to asj. Even if you think so, these thoughts aren't the kind of thoughts that to be kept quiet inside my own head. It was the kind I was compelled to ask, even after the end, even if I don't get an answer ...because I know I'm not the only one who is wondering and wanted to ask out loud too.


That's all.

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@Jae: How did you find this out?


I love Renaissance art, so I kept up with him by email, on his blog and Twitter @3pipenet. After awhile, we ended up connecting with other people who loved the Italian masters, and I friended them on Twitter as well. One of his Twitter friends yesterday sent out a gorgeous photo of a Michelangelo sculpture in a tweet, and in the reply, I copied his Twitter handle because I knew it was something he would also enjoy seeing. She realized I hadn't heard what happened, and so she sent me a DM and broke the terrible news.


The art history community is stunned by his death as much as we are. If you are on Twitter and check the hashtag #RIPHasan, you'll find links to some lovely tributes. You'll also find some amazing art history websites.


Edit: @tk: ROFL at that pic! :lol: How perfect!

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I butted heads with Astro a few times, and I never really got on with him on here, but I did share many of his interests, and respected him for his values (even when different to mine).


It's always a shame to lose a talented spirit, regardless.



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