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Just out of curiosity, does one of the admins have the login for the @Lucasforums account on Twitter...or is that completely separate and owned by who knows what?


I think it'd be an interesting idea to have a twitter account for the forums/fan network to hopefully draw in more users over time!

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I have started a couple of LFN related Facebook groups, just to keep tabs on the real-life IDs of all the reprobates who frequent these parts.


I never really did anything much with them, other than using them as a spot for folks to track down forum friends in the real (well, social media "real") world, and to make general updates on the condition of the server ("Is it down for everyone today or just me?...") or significant life events that anyone wants to make there to the rest.


I'm not opposed to integrating them more closely to the new face of LFN... or giving Admin controls to anyone involved with the new forums who wants to jazz things up there and make it a more unified experience.


Let me know.


The other thing I'd like to see on a new site is a "Game Match" forum or application. Somewhere you can put a gamertag, your online gaming system(s) of choice, and a list of games you are interested in into a database-type form, as well as maybe a list of times you are likely to be available for play; and it will list other players with the same games/ systems/ times... etc.

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