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This really isn't that depressing after all....


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You packed your bags

As I recall

And you walked slowly

Down the hall

You said you had to get away

To ease your mind

And all you needed

Was just a little time

Oh, winter's passed, spring, and fall

You never wrote me

You never called, oh, oh

Raymond Jones you've been gone too long

(Gone too long, gone too long)



So Ray....what's your tipple? I think we're hitting the hard stuff on here now.

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Careful Ray, I'm going to start blubbing... :) (clings on tight)


Zoom, I heard you're now a rabbit in charge of many cats, is this not dangerous?


I have only four cats...but my mother has two, there are two strays that came with the house, and I'm watching my neighbor's cat this week. It works out fine, since this rabbit is quite a bit larger than they are...and I have the thumbs required to open the cat food.


I believe Ray asked about plants. They leave the plants alone because they want to smoke them, too... :max:

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