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Mod (idea) that I might try


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Ok so, I've looked through and can say i have not seen any of these, so i'm first going to ask if its possible for the parts i'm fuzzy about then im going to out line the mod i want to make.



1) is it possible to make ore side in galactic conquest

2) (This one i think is possible) Is there a way to make more units in galactic conquest or to tweak the units.


Mod idea:

A bigger galactic conquest, adding a few planets such as korriban, manaan, dantooine, ect.

A four force galactic conquest, to have some extra strategy.

more units for the space battles such as: a support class that has a shotgun and healing supply, a heavy class commander with a chain gun and a auto turret, and a demolition class with detpacks and charges.

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1) You mean creating and using a custom side? I am pretty sure standard sides can be modified, but if you want to create a custom side from scrap for galactic conquest... I am not sure about this one... although it may be possible.


2) Umm... Are you talking about changing/modifying the pre-existing classes or just increasing the number of units used in galactic conquest?


As for the last one... If by "Four force galactic conquest" you mean, four factions fighting in the same galactic conquest... no, this must not be possible, I'm afraid... But adding planets must be possible.

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You know what a forum is for? Discussion, tossing ideas back and forth, and becoming a part of a community.


I'm going to try to do this sometime in summer, but before then I'd like discussion adding and subtracting from my initial idea. Maybe add your own thoughts, or just criticize it to the extreme, I don't care, I'll read it and hope for discussions on it, not just lurking laziness. I'm not just talking about this thread either, although it would be nice to have some discussion on this thread, I'm talking about all the modding ideas that someone might have done and because of no response froze not knowing what to do, I'm talking about the good ideas that could come to be if someone just said something, maybe a reassurance maybe helping figure something out, I don't know, please just respond to any thread for battle front.


Adding onto the mod idea:


The four sides would be: {for galactic civil war} Imperials, Hutts, Rebels, and droid remnant forces (unlikely? yes fun? also yes)

{For republic sovereignty} Droids, Republic, hutts and rogue clones

I think about four to five planets would have to be added and the two extra forces would be smaller, their colors would be yellow and purple



i'll have more as i flesh this out more

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Damn right you are for what you're saying up there. Even if we got negative feedback, it'd be better than not getting any feedback at all...


About the mod... I see your point now, and I must admit that this is a great idea... could be used online and have hours of fun, although I don't think Hutts could be up there... I'd rather have Anti-troopers (AKA rogue clones) than Hutts for GCW, because I think it fits the storyline a little better. The only thing I'm concerned about it is if it is actually possible to create...

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