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The One Year Thread 2014: Main Street Electrical Parade Through The Dark Side


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Howdy, humans. It's nice to see all these familiar faces...


I have a computer and it's online, so I should be around on occasion. I do have to spend a lot of time at work now. The burgeoning market of international second-hand air transport procurement keeps me away for months at a time.


Speaking of which, why are you here discussing flying the plane, Edlib? You know how crazy Carlos gets when people start talking. :D


In the REAL WORLD...my stepfather I was helping to take care of died, I moved my mother into town and am now taking care of her, I have six cats who take care of mice, and I'm still looking for a sane woman to take care of my needs. Still cooking, but looking for a better job in the field. Addicted to BSG, and am kit-bashing my own rag-tag fugitive fleet out of any model kit I can get my hands on. My weapons collection has benefited greatly from the recession; I now own a nineteenth century japanese wakizashi short sword and a model 1908 luger. Yes.


Wildstar, even with my luger, a fifth of whiskey and a milk crate full of ammo I wouldn't be able to shoot 700 three times! The cops show up way before that. How did you manage?

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... I officially envy you.


I am in the wrong profession entirely.

Oh, and our Commencement Speaker/ Honorary Doctorate recipient this time around, (now that it's official...)



So, yeah... Bill Nye and Jimmy Page in the same month.





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Oh... And Zoomish Rabbitsan, another thing I've actually accomplished since last we spoke:


I've managed to meet up with a number of these jokers outside the Matrix... in the ol' meatspace, as it were.


I've managed to track down a Farlander, a Cracken, and a Zargon and square off against them... face to face.

I had a close call with a Nitro once while he was in my city... but our shadows never crossed...





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Holy hell. Zoom Rabbit.


Welcome back. I hope you plan to stick around buddy. You have a lot of catching up to do... somethings have changed around here quite a bit.



Short synopsis: Quite Best Buy, went back to school to be a legal assistant (Secretary, i.e: a lawyer's bitch), met a girl, started dating that girl, graduated, can't find a job, found a job, lost that job, found another job, moved in with said girl.


Aaaaannnnnndddd that's pretty much it.


Oh, and I met an Edlib. He's much shorter than I thought he was.'


Side note to Ed: seriously. I want your job. Not. Fair. At. All.

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I have a Boeing 777 for sale.


No questions. :dozey: Serious inquiries only...


I have a cousin who is a manager for the 787. basically she is the one with the flow chart on how you build the damn thing. Her husband is a forman at their big place in Seattle.


One thing that people seem to not understand is that you cannot play Legos with composite components


No i do not have anything lined up. Job market sucks around here and the only real skill i have is forklift operation and working in warehousing. If people are hiring it is usually not first shift, and too often part time

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I had a hot girlfriend, ended up going through alot of lame jobs, got engaged, went back in the military, national guard, made it through Cavalry Scout training, fiance broke up with me, I started college and went back to walmart part time til I got deployed to Kuwait, best time of my life so far was had out there, great memories. Now I'm back in college going for a degree in criminal justice and pursuing a career diploma in private investigation. I haven't gone back to work, nothing pays good enough, so I'm just living off the gi bill and state grants for college. I had a car but it broke down when it got cold, I blew the engine or so the mechanics say. Been using buses to get to and from school, not sure when I'll get another car. I also got a german shepherd dog in december to help me cope with the sudden loneliness I'm suffering from post-deployment (i guess i have post-separation anxiety..i haven't been officially diagnosed nor will I go see a professional about it)


and that's about it for me.

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Ike a dentist? Rogue 15 a private eye?!?


Holy muffin tops, Bat Man. Up is down and black is white! ;) At least Ed remains unchanged...


I am also looking for better work, since the company I work for is one of those who are chopping the hourly employees below 30 hours a week in order to avoid paying or Obamacare. Scurrilous bass turds, I will abandon them and work hard for their competition. Getting the computer working has been a big part of my quest, since it seems one can no longer simply walk in with a resume and talk with a human being unless one has first applied at some freaking website.


Meanwhile, my personal cooking skills are improving. Since moving mom in with me, I've been doing a lot of home cooking in order to improve her overall health. I've also been barbecueing a lot for friends and neighbors. If anyone is within driving distance of Medford, Oregon, you should come over and try my curried chicken. :D


Off topic (?), I think the missing jet is in Austrailia, being repainted by aboriginal workers deep in the outback somewhere. I think we might be witnessing the beginning of air piracy, considering the waters over which the thing disppeared.

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Wildstar, even with my luger, a fifth of whiskey and a milk crate full of ammo I wouldn't be able to shoot 700 three times! The cops show up way before that. How did you manage?


I keep most of my competitive bowling online, on a site called BowlSK, Zoom (I have my first summer league and a virtual league makeup night from my first go-around in the virtual league that are not in the system...my favorite bowling forum site has me running said virtual league now, too). I'll link my 700s:


http://www.bowlsk.com/games/view-series.html?series=3050242 (Still my personal best)


http://www.bowlsk.com/games/view-series.html?series=6569258 (Done on position night in one of my summer leagues)


http://www.bowlsk.com/games/view-series.html?series=10054242 (Last summer; my most consistent 700, with each game over 200)


Note that that first one has a 288 game in it, which is my best sanctioned game ever. :)


As you look those over, most of the numbers are board numbers...anything bigger than 20 is left of the center dot on the approach and the middle arrow on the lane (boards are numbered from the gutter on your bowling hand side).

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Brought home the bacon today. BOught a half a hog. Got at about 20 pounds of bacon in my freezer right now along with a whole bunch of other pork products. Just a hair over $2 a pound.


Likely eat the rest of the beef I had in there from the previous year.


Oh yea, I am married. Not likely to be able to breed unless we win the lottery, or I take a mistress. Wife does not approve of the mistress idea obviously

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Epically Great Nights At Work:


Get to work at 1pm for a 3pm load-in; 7:30 (at the LATEST...) doors; 8:00 show. I find out at 2:30 that the headlining band (Snarky Puppy) is currently in Albany NY, with their van in a shop, up on a lift. With all the backline with them.


We set up as much as we can. Band finally gets rolling Boston-bound around 4:30. Optimistically, they believe they will be here at 6... Despite the distance, and the fact that they will now be entering Boston at rush-hour, on a Friday night.


We wait.


Opening band arrives at their soundcheck time, around 5. But they are using all the headliner's gear.


So... we wait.


7:15... The band arrives. Defcon 1! SCRAMBLE! SCRAMBLE! SCRAMBLE!!!


Load-in/ setup took close to 40 minutes. I think you can see where this is all headed...


Soundcheck ran until 8:15, despite being the fastest soundcheck in all of recorded history.


Opening act gets on stage at 8:20. We set them up, and have no choice but to soundcheck them if front of the audience of (sold out show... 1,200+ people...) who have now just started streaming in.


The opener, who was supposed to start at 8, downbeats at 8:35.


Snarky Puppy, who was supposed to roll at 8:45-ish, kicked off at 9:25.


And our stage crew, who have been in "sit around waiting all day" mode for 4+ hours, had to do pretty much ALL of that scheduled 4 hours worth of work in under an hour, and are now all wired from a blast of adrenalin and stress chemicals. But they are heroes.


If we didn't have the stage plot and input list, and hadn't hosted this band here several times before, it simply couldn't have happened.


I don't want to do this ever again. Ugh.

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I picture you with the bed under your desk like George Costanza. :D


But, no... it wasn't really my favorite shift at work ever... but I have to say we kicked ass tonight pulling that **** off.


That could have derailed and trainwrecked so easily.

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Zoom, I should explain the sister, too...half sister, born five years before me, and whom my Mom gave up for adoption before she met my Dad. She came into my life two years ago this summer (and it was more her finding us than us finding her). The photo from our first face-to-face meeting is below:




The blonde in the middle is the half sister; the other blonde would be my Mom's best friend during her childhood (My Mom, sadly, never got to see her older daughter again).

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I picture you with the bed under your desk like George Costanza. :D


We talk about that all the time. I could so do it, too. My desk is huge, goes all the way down to the floor, and you can't see under it from the door. The only reason I DON'T is because I can sleep in the chair just as easily.


So.... Keyan....


What... exactly would you say you do around here?


We talk about that all the time too. I swear, the guy in the office next to me IS Milton.


But in all seriousness, I just finished up a major project that was about two years in development. It will be the flagship feature for our next version, and we're demoing it on Thursday. It will be great to finally show this off.

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