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The One Year Thread 2014: Main Street Electrical Parade Through The Dark Side


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IMAX = blurry edges and more bad seats


Not to mention a lot of pretentious self-labeled "Moviephile's"


Saw Mockingjay in a "private viewing" theater at my local multi-plex, could seat less then 50 i think. Quite enjoyable experaince. The movie was only really enjoyable if you read the books, otherwise it is nothing like the first two with the "Quells"and the lead up to them

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3D movies gives me the worst headache ever. I can't watch them with out a massive migraine.


Honestly, I don't think I'm missing out on much anyway.


Yea, i can 'Watch' a 3D movie for about 15 minutes, and then my brain gets tired and it reverts back to 2D. I bought some 3D to 2D glasses that helped when I watched the previous Hobbit movie. When you got dialouge i would switch to 2D, then during action scenes, or grandiose pans of settings i would have the 3D glasses


for IMAX, the sceen is really too big to enjoy your field of vision is smaller then the screen and i have to scan the screen by movie my head just to get everything. I honestly think people who do enjoy it are just there for the movie experience and the sensory overload.

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Food hangover. Urgh...


Real SW teaser online today. We'll see. I'd love for it to be so awe-inspiring as to get me ultra fired-up for the new movie... but I've been burned before. I remember how the movie I envisioned from the Ep. 1 trailers in my head turned out to be a much better one than what actually appeared on the screen.

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Saw the trailer. 88 second UK version. Disney is continuing it's tradition in bringing in funky unique multi-bladed lightsabers.


Opening 30 seconds, sounds like Max von Sydow doing a voice over


Then we see Tatooine, and a black dude (John Boyega) in a new stormtrooper outfit (not a sandtrooper version) without the helmet. and the faint sound of a probe droid.. obviosuly being followed


Stupid cute droid rolling, hating


Daisy Ridley taking off on what i could only think of as a Food cart speeder.. on tatooine


A bunch of new storm troopers in a drop ship


A really cool shot of battered up X-Wings flying a few feet above water with rooster tails behind them.


BBEG walking in forest and whips out his lightsaber with completely useless lightsaber hilt guard


and finally a shot of the Falcon with some contrails doing a loop above tatooine and trying to avoid the lensflare (REALLY!?!?!) and some TIE fighters


I didn't see an R2 units on the X-wing Fighters, and I just noticed on a detailed viewing that the sensor dish on the Falcon it changed from a circular one that was lost in RotJ to a rectangular one.

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Just watched it. I'm going to say...not that great. Stupid-looking droid and stupid-looking lightsaber stuck out to me too. Also, the camera work seemed very...un-Star-Wars-y. Shaky-cam and stuff like that. It also had a very fake-CGI look to it, like the new Hobbit movies. Still, it's only a teaser, and it won't be out for another year. So who knows? But the point of a teaser is to get you more pumped for the movie, and after watching this one, I think I'm a little less pumped.

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A lot of shaky hand-held camera work. (I was hoping that Abrams would ditch his signature look for replicating the visual feel of the rest of the series.)


On the one hand: Cool that many iconic SW ships are in it.


On the other hand: Why wouldn't they have been upgraded or replaced long before now?


Lucas established that in the 10-15 years or so between Ep. 1 and 3 ship technology and styles changed rapidly. Then between Eps. 3 and 4 they changed even more radically. But in the 30 years between 6 and 7 we are still rocking the same X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and a slightly updated Falcon?


Why would the (what I assume are) Imperial remnants continue to use (or still even have access to) the same Tie Fighters that didn't work at all well for them during the Civil War years? And why would the (again, assumption...) New Republic forces continue to use X-Wings that were fairly old when the Rebellion began, if they are the victors and have an entire galaxy of resources available? It's like still flying WWII era aircraft at the start of the Vietnam conflict.


Don't get me wrong... I think it's awesome they are all in there. That shot of the X-Ws is amazing, and makes me want to fire up Rogue Squadron again. But it's all pretty difficult to justify logically. It seems a bit like the work of a fan-fiction writer who wants to throw all his favorite bits from the old stories in.


If it leads to a new X-Wing game, I'll shut up about it.



They aren't identical X-Wings to the Ep. 4-6 ones. So there's obviously been tweaks in the years between. Still seems like a bit of a fan-service-y cop-out to use them at all... but they obviously thought about it a bit.

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I think the guy in the X-wing is Oscar Isaac. and the Aurebesh lettering on his left vest is upside down. Probably something like "Pull here to eject" cause obviously when you need to eject you cannot read upside down


The X-wings look similar to the Teaser that JJ Abrams had. And it looks like the have the bubbledome behind the cockpit similar to the Z-95 where the Astromech would be. The paint job is similar.

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Let's see... It's been a pretty good week.


I've had 2 fully loaded turkey dinners, one at my cousin's house Thursday, then one I made for mom and my aunt here at my house yesterday. I have a bit of a food hangover right now though...


I had a date on Wednesday, one yesterday, one today, and another tomorrow.


Since joining the site, I've managed 5 first dates, 2 second dates, 1 3rd date. Tomorrow will be first date #6. I have at least 2 more women who I haven't met in person asking for dates. Maybe next weekend. We'll see...




Go me. :dozey:


(It's pretty damn exhausting to live this way though...)

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