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Used Boeing 777 for sale

Zoom Rabbit

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I have my team of aborigines scrubbing the blood off the seat backs and repainting the fuselage even now. We should be ready for shipment as soon as the ukrainian war breaks out and the heat--so to speak--dies down.


:max: Interested parties meet 'Bardox' at the Drunken Weasel bar in Dakkar, senegal on friday night. He's there for closing, and should not be looked directly in his one eye.

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Am I a pilot?!?


I have flown the kessel run, out zigged many zags and bloodied the Empire's nose with the loss of many cruisers. I have landed on top of the St. Louis arch. The wind itself fears my name, for it knows I can outrace it. And I have guns. Yes. Big guns in the sky, and missiles to enforce my every whim--!


:dozey: No, I guess I'm not a pilot at all. But with rum as my copilot and the russian punk rock band Pussy Riot as flight crew, we'll figure this thing out together.


Now where's the gas pedal?

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That goat says he knows you, and has photos of you at a pub called the Twisty Badger. Furthermore, analysis of the satellite data indicates you were either in Ipswich that night or on a course somewhere over the gulf of Tonkin...


(Like how I tied that back in? No? Too Bad.)


The price of the 777 is going up. It seems expenses doubled when we had to take a submarine to the indian ocean to dump 'wreckage.' Also, silencing every qualified satellite data analyst in the world is proving expensive--even when the cost is reduced to one bullet apiece.


We may have to move the sale to e-bay.

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