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Star Wars: Facing Destiny

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Complete and utter War has consumed the Galaxy as the Sith Empire and The Galactic Republic once again take up arms against one another as each side fights to wipe the other from the face of the Galaxy forever. Each side has had it's heroes. Men and Women who have given their lives so that their respective sides may advance one step closer to victory.


But as the two sides fight for survival, certain men and women of many species can sense that something is wrong. Something dark is influencing those who command the legions of solders fighting it out. Something is feeding upon the war for it's own dark design.


A force of pure darkness, once thought long dead is stirring in the dark. Both Jedi and Sith can sense it's awakening power and both sides scramble to locate it before the opposing side does. But as both Sith and Jedi search the dark places of the galaxy in hopes of locating the source of dark power they must ask themselves.


Once they find it...will they survive the encounter?




Character Sheet

















No Godmodding

No Super powerful characters

No more than four characters

Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

No killing other characters without permission.

Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.

Have fun!

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NAME: Kratos Malkerax



AGE: 62

SPECIES: Sith Pureblood

APPEARANCE: He has dark red skin and his eye color is purple. Underneath his hood his face is covered with scars and he is missing his right eye.

WEAPONS: Ancient Sith Scepter with a black crystal infused into the top.

EQUIPMENT: An old black robe.

OCCUPATION: Inquisitor

HISTORY: Kratos, for unknown reason left the sith order long ago. He traveled far away from the sith empire and disappeared. Only recently Kratos returned, for like many others, he felt the dark power, and he set out to find it. No one knows where Kratos was while he was gone.

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NAME: Varik Athzaria



AGE: 30



WEAPONS: Two violet lightsabers. (Form VI: Jar'Kai, Form VI: Niman, Form VII: Juyo)

EQUIPMENT: Non-hooded red and yellow robes, the same style of the robes worn by the Jedi Crusaders in the Mandalorian Wars. Varik wears these robes to remember his ancestor that fought in the Mandalorian Wars, as well as a grim reminder of what happened to the Jedi that followed Revan. They are made of light, durable material, giving no restrictions in movement - and great flexibility. During combat missions, Varik wears hooded black/gray robes over his standard robes. He also has two cortosis forearm sheaths, which encompass the entirety of his forearms. They are useful for deflecting lightsabers - albeit for a time, as well as swords.

OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Sentinel)

HISTORY: With Hord relinquished from from his mind, Varik is at ease. However, events from his past could plague his future - and he is haunted by his memories of being wrested by Tulak Hord.




NAME: Darth Atrion



AGE: 34

SPECIES: Half-Human, Half-Sith

APPEARANCE: Underneath his mask, he had the standard build of any human. He had silver/yellow eyes, and black hair. The only thing unusual was his red skin tone. (Due to him being both Human and Sith.)

WEAPONS: Crimson double-bladed lightsaber. (Form IV: Ataru, Form V: Djem So)

EQUIPMENT: Cortosis-laced armored robes.

OCCUPATION: Sith Warrior (Marauder)

HISTORY: Darth Atrion, birth name Kadus, was a male Sith Juggernaut active in the Cold War. His strict adherence to Sith philosophy often earned him titles such as the Merciless or the Ruthless. He was beaten regularly by his father, Darth Harad, before he joined the Sith Academy - slaughtering all of his competitors in the tombs. Later on in his life, he killed his father, who revealed to him that he beat him in order to make him strong, not out of contempt or hatred. Darth Harad died with the satisfaction of having fathered a successful Sith. Atrion later basked himself in the knowledge of Marka Ragnos, eventually becoming a Sith Marauder.



NAME: Kif Lomuta



AGE: 35

SPECIES: Twi'lek

APPEARANCE: Kif has a moderate build (5'7", 150 lb), and emerald green eyes. He is a Rutian twi'lek. He has discoloration on the area of his face where new skin had been grafted - where he was cut by a lightsaber (dark blue/purple).

WEAPONS: Zabrak Tystel Mark III Heavy Blaster, Vibrosword.

EQUIPMENT: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor), Beemon Package implant, Verpine Bond gauntlets, ocular eye implants.

OCCUPATION: Freelancing Smuggler.

HISTORY: Kif was never the same after he lost his sight. New skin was grafted on his face - where a lightsaber had rendered him blind. However - the skin grafted was rejected by the body - causing a discoloration where it was grafted. His ocular eye implants were strong - but he couldn't shoot as well with a blaster as he used to. He still excelled at pazaak, but he had gained a subtle coldness in his personality.

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