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Problem with animation/sound

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Hello, I'm having trouble trying to modify the mod "Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt by Sithspecter", I wanted to remove the cape and use only the belt. Everything went ok, I managed to import/export the model and remove the cape the way I wanted to.

The problem is that the sound for attack with any melee weapon including lightsabers, lightsaber flourish and footstep animations won't play at all and I have no idea why. I've read and followed the tutorials as best as I could, the tools I'm using are: Kotor tool, Gmax with NWmax 0.8 and MDlops 0.6.


If you want to help and need my mdl and mdx files, here they are:




I suppose you can use the soundless mod if you want. Credits to the original mod maker, Sithspecter.


and a screenshot of the mod working:


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