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What is limited in Free to play?


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I was going to warm up a bit before my sub kicks in, and wondered if i can play my main character lvl 52 or am I limited to only the lower levels ? i noted that there is a funds cap on your momey, i have 300,000 and it put extra into an escrow i think, and i cant rest in bars ...i have a boat load of Cartel Coins so i can suppliment with the boosts I guess. just wondered if anyone has a fast answer on what is limited...


i thought about starting one of my subs going again, or even starting a new one but suspect we are limited to is it 3 characters and I didnt want to risk losing my main character with all the work i put into it to get to 52 .thanks for any advice.

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The SWTOR website has a complete list, but the major ones are:

Reduced XP after level 20

No rested XP

Credits capped at 350,000 (200,000 if not preferred)

Can't equip purple (artifact) items

Limited space missions (3 per week) and warzones (5 per week)

Smaller inventory

No cargo hold access

2 crew skills (1 if not preferred)

Only 5 field med droids (field revivals)

Longer cool down on quick travel

No emergency fleet pass (You can buy one time use items)

Get speeder piloting skills later

Vendor prices increased


There are others, but these are the main ones I have run into (currently level 38).


Outside of vendor prices, rested xp, and the credits cap, all of these can be remedied by buying authorization/passes in the Cartel Market or on the GTN. The Xp boosts and space and warzone passes are temporary (obviously), but everything else is permanent.


If you have purchased RoTHC you should be fine to play your level 52.

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